Thursday, 13 January 2011

MAC Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours Haul

MAC's latest offerings have caused a stir in the beauty community and this time, for a good reason.

The gorgeous Cham Pale collection beautifully described as the 'ultimate luxury..shimmering with all the bubbly optimism & golden glow of the best that's yet to be' pretty much sells it to you on the spot.

As for the the Stylishly Yours collection, it's promise to be 'always flawlessly fabulous' entices you in.

I am a marketing man's dream...

Chromographic Pencil NC15-NW20

A flesh coloured pencil has been something I've been searching for for what seems like forever.  This silky soft pencil, when applied in your waterline, very much opens up tired eyes.  When smudged into the very corner of the eye socket, it also gives a wonderful highlight.

   Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that Hush CCB is one of my all time favourite products.  The other colours have therefore been on my mental list, especially Virgin Isle after seeing Nic (Pixiwoo) use it in this video.

Rumour has it that this is now discontinued on the main line and is now a Pro product so I snapped it up in this re-promote.

It is such an amazing colour - so highly pigmented, blends beautifully and lasts on the cheeks for a long time.  It has unfortunately sold out now online but if you can get yours hands on one, I would highly recommend it as a product.

What did you pick up from the collections?  Am I really missing out on the Cham Pale paint pots?!


  1. I've heard so much rave about the Virgin Isle, it looks gorgeous :) I got Vintage Selection Paint Pot and while I do love it to bits, Idk if you missed out per se :)

  2. Hey Lovely :)

    Nice Haul..I am so pleased I read this, as I was asking around for a nude pencil for my waterline, and there is one, right here.. :)

    I am very envious of that blusher, it looks amazing- would love to see a FOTD with this worn in it??

    From Champale I got the Rose Ole special reserve highlighting powder- which I LOVE!
    Everything else was too shimmery for me or too pale!
    I wish I'd spotted that pencil though :)

  3. both of them look gorgeous!!Have to check them both at the Mac counter!thanks sweetie for the review and swatches!!!

  4. I haven't gotten anything from the Champale collection yet but have my eyes on a couple of the powders/hilighters. Hope they're not sold out!

  5. I've been looking for a flesh coloured pencil too and the cream colour looks amazing! Deff checking them out!