Saturday, 12 May 2012

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

I took my first dip into the Origins pool at Christmas. As a student, I never spent a large amount of money on skin care but since graduating, it's been a new focus. I am taking on board the thought process of the French: invest in products that will help your skin; not just cover up the problems.

With that in mind, I believe a good eye cream is an essential product. They say your eyes are the window to the soul and with none of us getting any younger, a product to help delay those tell tale lines is truly a girl's best friend!

I decided on Origins' GinZing offering I will admit, mainly due to 'blogger enabling'. I had read and listened to numerous reviews that sung this product's praises. I was entranced by its promise to de-puff via its caffeine-loaded formula and instantly brighten dark circles. As a sufferer of the dreaded shadows, it seemed like a potential HG product. 5 months down the line and unfortunately I'm not so sure....

I have to give GinZing its due - it does what it says on the tin. It's brightening and refreshing; it makes your eyes feel soothed and drastically more awake looking than when you first rolled out of bed. However, I feel it does this in more of a cosmetic way than an actual skin care way. The reasoning for this is that it is packed full of light reflecting particles which results in it being basically a creamy highlighter. Used sparingly it has the effect of brightening the eyes but if you apply too much, you look like you've smeared a cheap shimmery product all over your eyes in an attempt to cover your dark circles. Not ideal!

I find it also has limited moisturing power and by the middle of the day, my eyes look very dry - making those little lines a tad too pronounced for my liking! This is however, not really Origins fault as it never promises GinZing to be anything more than an instant fix.

Overall, this product is not for me. It doesn't live up to my new French ideals as it is purely a top layer product that will have no lasting results. I do like it, and with a four star rating, it's safe to say many others do too but at £21.00, it is nowhere near as heavy duty as I would like.

And so, the eye cream search goes on. I have been trialling a few different lotions and potions but that's for another day...!

NB Apolgoies for the stock photo; technology is proving to be a bit of an issue at the moment. Normal business will resume shortly!

Monday, 7 May 2012

In Style Peach Sorbet

Since my last haul of the nail polish variety, I was determined they would be the last purchases for a while.  Then I saw In Style's latest issue and well, the rest is history!

Nails Inc latest freebie offerings (they are so good to us!) come in 3 beautiful Spring-appropriate shades and as soon as I saw the selection, I knew Peach Sorbet had to be mine.  The name conjures up a colour that is delicate, pretty and feminine; and the result is just that.

As for the application, the first layer results in a surprisingly pigmented and opaque finish, although some-what streaky.  After a second coat, the colour is truly opaque and could well be left here - as I have done on my toes - but I did apply a third and final coat to ensure no streaks.  After a top layer with Seche Vite, you are left with a beautiful and glossy light peach shade that is nude in some lights and slightly pink in others.  It is almost like a peachy cousin of OPI's Mod About You; creamy and very light but with enough colour that it stops your hands looking like a corpse and will also look amazing offset with a deep tan.

I think this is going to have to be a shade that I will buy multiple copies of the same magazine for.  I want back ups of this and for the price of £3.80, it'd be rude not to!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Instagram Part 2

1.  My Essie Spring haul. Which contains my new all-time favourite shade - keep your eyes peeled for a post soon!  2.  Little blue box.  So cute it has to be out on display.  3.  Fan di Fendi.  My current favourite perfume.  4.  When caught in a downpour, Nero came to the rescue.  70% cream, 30% hot chocolate - just how I like it!  5.  Beautiful blossom in Camden.  6.  Girls' Night!  7.  Saturday night in wouldn't be complete without a Domino's.  8.  Cocktails  9.  Naughty maccas.  10.  Louis.  11.  Thursday's preppy styling.  Sperry Topsider - as seen on Rose aka The Londoner - dupes.  12.  Double Wear re-purchase and Summer appropriate yellow nail varnish.  13.  Trialling new Lauder skin care.  14.  Saturday night's face.  15.  Essie heaven in Superdrug's Marble Arch Store  16.  Prezzo's goats' cheese salad; food of the gods.

Please link me to your Instagram posts - I am truly obsessed!