Thursday, 31 March 2011

TAG: 11 Most Reached For Products/March Favourites

My eleven favourite products change constantly but these products have been consistently used day in/day out for the whole of I'm killing two birds with one stone!

Skin care, hair care, tan and bases

St Moriz Dark Mousse
John Frieda Serum
Olay Multi-Radiance Fluid

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer
No 7 Creme Touch Powder

Eye and lip products

Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash Mascara
NAKED Palette
MAC Tempting Quad

MOR Passionflower Lip Delight
17 Beehive Mirror Shine Lipstick

As you can tell, these products have been loved to death and is seen by their completely battered packing!  If there is anything that catches your eye for a full review, just say!

What have been your favourites recently???


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Inspiration: Kim Kardashian

The hair.  The make up.  The figure.  The clothes.  The shoes.  The handbags.  

Kim may be controversial but there is no denying that she's bloody gorgeous!  She is always glamorous and perfectly put together in stylish and classic outfits that show off her amazing curves - she can get it wrong sometimes but then, none of us are perfect...! 

Are you a KK fan or not?! 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Drugstore Brand Spotlight: L'oreal

As much as we all love high end beauty products, they do have a (sometimes ridiculous) high price tag attached.  I have therefore made it my aim over the past few years to weed out the best products from the drugstore (I hate that phrase as much as the next person but it is standard in the beauty community..!) that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to put a spotlight on some of the best products found in Boots/Superdrug that I've personally bought and loved and the odd few that have disappointed... Because, at the end of the day, a low end mascara may cost £5-ish but if you end up buying 4 awful ones, you may as well splash the cash on a YSL..  So, hopefully I can pin point the best products to save on and, with some recommendations from you beautiful people, build up a resource of the best cheap products out there!

Please note: I am not affiliated with any companies whatsoever - these are my honest opinions, as always.

First up....



True Match Foundation and Powder: Blendable.  Good shade range.  Commendable lasting power.  Adapts to skin. Don't bother with the roll on - very much a gimmick!

Infallible Foundation and Concealer: Great lasting power.  Nice shade range. Concealer thick but blendable - great for under the eyes!  The foundation now comes with the option of an attached brush - I would say stick with the original packing - more product for your money! (30ml vs 25ml)

Studio Secrets Primer and Foundation: Primer makes skin feel gorgeous and helps any foundation to glide on.  Foundation applies beautifully with attached brush and sets with a gorgeous dewy finish.  

Touch Magique concealer: Light reflecting brush on concealer.  Light coverage but nice effect under eyes as doesn't sink into fine lines.


Voluminous Mascara: Gives long, thick lashes. No flaking or smudging to note.

Telescopic Mascara: Amazing length!

Carbon Gloss Super Liner: Precision nib that can great desired thickness. Glossy black line that stays put all day.

Lash Renewal Serum: Brilliant mascara primer.  Over time, lashes look longer, healthier and thicker.


Glam Shine Lipglosses: Glossy gorgeous colours - great shade range.  Heart shaped wand smooths and plumps lips.

If you have any other recommendations please comment - I will then add them in!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hairstyle of the Week

Nothing too drastic but instead of curling my hair, this past week I've been straightening it, putting in a few extensions and a bump it - for some much needed volume - and then pinning the top section up.

This is unfortunately as exciting as my life gets at the moment...I'm not usually this shallow. I promise!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Foundation Trial: Revlon Colorstay (Normal/Dry)

What would a foundation trial be without this classic?!

A supposed dupe for MAC Studio Fix Fluid and a cult product in the beauty community, it is raved about and loved by many.

I can see why although Double Wear still wins through and here is why...

Availability:  Readily bought in Boots and Superdrug etc, this classic is accessible to everyone which is definitely one of its best points.  As a low end cosmetic, £12.50 for a bottle may be slightly high but it is regularly on offer so a bargain can usually be had!  Also, if you are confident of your shade, a quick google search provides a few outlets where you can buy it for less.  

Colour: From the Revlon website, it is apparent there are 12 shades with a variety of pink, yellow and neutral tones which for a low end product, is commendable!  These shades however do lie on the fairer end of the scale which may mean the darker skinned girls amongst us may be unable to find a suitable colour. 

Consistency and Application: This specific foundation claims to be complete with 'SoftFlex' that provides lightweight comfort.  Although there is no so explanation of what that actually is,  I would say  the claim is true!  Although a thick product that dries quickly and needs to be applied to one area of the face at a time, it does feel lightweight once on and not like you are caked in make up.  I personally find no real difference when applied with a brush or sponge - just personal preference with this! 

Coverage: A medium coverage that can be sheered out using a wet sponge but I would say is not that buildable to full coverage as can look cakey with two layers. 

Finish: Due to the Normal/Dry formulation, a semi-matte finish is provided.  I prefer to set any concealed areas with powder but to leave the rest with a more natural finish.

Lasting Power:  This is where the problem lies...  The foundation unfortunately does not provide the 16 hour wear that is promises.  After a 10 hour day, whereas the Double Wear still looks perfect, this had worn off unevenly and caused my concealer, bronzer and blusher to lose their staying power too.  In all honestly, I'd had preferred to have no make up on at all.

Overall: Although I have used this foundation on and off for years and it probably will continue to a be a staple in my collection, it doesn't hold the appeal that once did.  It is a lovely foundation that provides a fresh look for a few hours but not for a long day.  It also contains SPF which results in awful flash back in photographs thus negating its use for a night out.

I think it's a foundation that everyone should try but there are definitely better ones out there!  I would recommend this to somebody with a normal, not overly dry, skin type that requires a few hours wear of medium coverage.

In general - a 6/10 and the Double Wear is definitely winning out!

Coming soon: MaxFactor 2nd Skin and Ruby & Millie Sheer Base

Monday, 7 March 2011

A Match Made in Heaven: #2

Another day; another few select products that were a match made in cosmetic heaven....!

Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Kabuki & MAC Cream Colour Bases

The synthetic brush picks up the perfect amount of product and allows it to be buffed in perfectly where needed - a fantastic finish that I just can never achieve with my fingers.

I absolutely love this brush - any other flat top kabukis that I should invest in?!

Friday, 4 March 2011

EOTD Featuring Nicola Lashes

I quickly tried out my new Girls Aloud Nicola lashes yesterday and they are just so, so pretty.  They were a little big and needed to be trimmed but once on, they looked amazing and I felt the winged out effect complemented this 60s eye so well!

I'm off to London tomorrow to see some of my oldest and best friends so these will be getting their first proper outing...fingers crossed I still have them on at the end of the night..!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Match Made in Heaven: #1

In life, there are pairings that are truly made for each other.  Bread and butter; bacon and eggs; Ben and Jerry...

And in my make up collection, this is no exception.  Sometimes you just find two products that go so well together, you couldn't imagine one without the other.  Example numero uno...

MAC Dark Edge Eyeshadow and Benefit's Hard Angle Brush 

I use these every day, without fail, to fill in and shape my eyebrows.  I have tried different shadows and different brushes but nothing can compare to these two: what can I say, they were made for each other!

The shadow provides the perfect shade for my eyebrows and, although this quad has been totally used and abused, it shows no sign of hitting pan.  As for the brush, the bristles are the perfect density for creating either a defined or soft look depending on my mood.  It is also fantastic quality - after two years of constant usage and washing, it is still as good as day one.

What are your cosmetic matches made in heaven?!