Saturday, 31 March 2012

London's Calling...

I very rarely do posts like these but I felt an update was seriously needed!

In the past two weeks or so, my life has done a complete 180.  I never really mentioned it anywhere but the job I landed after University, although a great opportunity, wasn't really working out and started to make me very unhappy.  So, I quit.  One Wednesday afternoon, with nothing planned.  It was probably the most reckless thing I've ever done; and it felt amazing.

Since then, life has been a bit of a whirlwind of CV writing, interviews and sudden panics that nobody will ever employ me ever again.  Thankfully, it all came to head yesterday when I got a job offer for a role I desperately wanted and then signed on a property a stones throw away from Clapham Common.  I can't quite believe I'll be living and working in London - one of my dreams which I can tick off my bucket list!

Things may be a little quiet in the run up to the move but rest assured, once I get paid - there will be some major hauling!! 

Now, where was that Champagne...


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bikini Weather - Haul

The sun is shining and although I may not be quite brave enough to don a bikini in the garden just yet, there is no denying that swimsuit season is right around the corner.

I purchased a few new bikinis for my Moroccan adventure in February - at the time I never had a chance to show them to you, but now seems like the perfect opportunity!

I adore swimwear and like most girls have an urge to buy a few new suits each year which can be an expensive habit.  However, I am happy to say, these beauties come from that shop that I have extreme love/hate relationship with - Primark.  At just £3/£4 for each separate, in extremely cute designs - they have once again delivered the goods!

I love the ability to buy separate sizes - can anybody these days honestly fit in a generic, one size bikini? - and the added little details such as the gold hardware on the nautical themed suit.  I am also happy to say that after a number of swims, they appear to wear beautifully... 10/10 in my book!

Although I bought these in early February, I have seen them in store very recently along with a few other designs that I have got my eye on too.  Have you spotted any cute swimwear recently for the new season?  Let me know!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


It's official.  I'm hooked.

It took me a little while but it's safe to say that after just half an hour last night, I am now a fully fledged Pinterest addict.

I'll admit, I was a bit sceptical.. After all, I have Tumblr and WeHeartIt so why the need for another 'online inspiration' site?  Why confuse and complicate things with bringing in yet another social media site into the mix?

Well, I'm sorry to say that I think those two aforementioned sites are probably a thing of the past for me.  Pinterest brings together all the good points of the two - my OCD is kept under control with the ability to sort photos into topics (where Tumblr fell down) and you can see photos for as many or as few people as you like (where WeHeartIt lost it a bit for me down to the sheer amount of photos).  I also love the incredibly easy Chrome extension which ensures it takes mere seconds to pin any photo onto your desired board and credit it all at the same time - no time wasting here!!

Now the only problem is, I follow hardly any people or boards and definitely need some recommendations!  Please let me know your personal or favourite boards - you will be feeding my addiction, and that is definitely a good thing ;)

Friday, 23 March 2012

School Bag - Modalu Libertine

Unfortunately, I am no longer at school - what I'd give for those holidays again - but a bag for every day is still a necessity.  My work bag requirements are

a) Black
b) Large enough to carry all my belongings as well as the kitchen sink
c) Pretty...I am a girl after all

When I saw this beauty in House of Fraser, it was a split second decision - I.need.that.bag.  It was a bit of a splurge - £180 with a delightful 30% off - but one that was totally justified...I mean, it's gorgeous!

The front snake print suede is off set by a back panel of the most beautifully soft leather, which you can tell will age beautifully.  The handles are a feature in their own - soft black leather interwoven with gold chain and dusky mauve material - Modalu's signature colour.  Other features include beautiful shell detailing to the zips and a gorgeous dust bag in the same beautiful mauve.  Little features such as these have completely put Modalu on the map for me and it seems I am in good company, with one very well known fan - Pippa Middleton.

This bag truly puts a little smile on my face every morning - and when your on the train every at 7.20am, who doesn't need that?!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sex and The City plus a little Chanel...

The weekends for me are an opportunity to sit myself in front of my mirror and actually take my time with my make up.  This is a stark contrast to weekdays when I'm sat on a train at 7.20 and attempting to apply my face whilst half asleep....oh how glamorous!

The biggest difference from week to weekend is how I do my eye make up.  Monday to Friday it's all about the mascara and not much else.  However, come Saturday and Sunday - the eye shadow is out in force, lashes are carefully applied and more than a hint of eyeliner can be seen.

Today, this was the result:

 Golden brown eyelids with a hint of sheen courtesy of Chanel, a flick of black khol and my new obsession: Sex And The City Charlotte lashes.

The texture of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre (82) did take a bit of getting used to, I will admit.  However, the result is beautiful and the Khol pencil was an absolute dream to apply - it was soft enough to apply without dragging the delicate eyelid but still allowed for precision.  As for the lashes - these are true Holy Grail material.  They are ridiculously cheap from Savers but are fantastic quality, have an invisible band so they are so easy to apply and even after 5 or 6 wears they are still in perfect condition.  As can be seen from the picture, I have a pair of the Miranda version too which I am yet to try, but have high hopes for!

What are your current favourite for creating a simple, but effective eye look?  I'd love some recommendations!