Sunday, 13 November 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

After a very long and draining week at work, I couldn't wait to hit the town with my best friends and enjoy myself a little.  I picked up a new dress from H&M, slapped the St Moriz on and let my hair down for another classic night out in Leamington Spa.  It may be a little town but for anyone who has witnessed it, they know it holds its own on the nightlife scene.

Today has consisted of sleeping in, McDonalds, a spot of shopping and blogging - exactly what Sundays are made for!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Chanel at a fraction of the cost?!

When the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre luminous eye shadows hit the shelves, it's safe to say there was a little bit of hysteria throughout the blogging community ;).

I, for one, admired them from afar but my frantic saving for 'Gap Year Round Two' restricts me from my buying such luxurious things.  Well....sometimes anyway!

I have to be honest, I was feeling a little bit hard done-by (after all, is going back to Australia really worth it?  Answer - yes very much so!) so was over the moon when these 17 Wild Metallic Eyes popped up on my radar.

Obviously I have no idea on how they compare in formulations, but so far, I reckon the 17 version is pretty much perfect and comes in at a delicious £3.99.

Heavily swatched, Wild Nude is quite a cool toned brown but when blended, becomes a sheer, warm bronze.  Perfect as base for a brown smoky eye or as a wash of colour for every day.  Right up my street and on second inspection, a colour I prefer to all the Chanel bank balance is sighing with relief ;).

Have you tried these, Chanel's version or both?  Let me know how you think they compare! xxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A beautiful find

Apart from cosmetics, there is one other thing I am really passionate about - Lingerie.

It all started on my gap year when I was offered a job on the lingerie department of my local House of Fraser.  I jumped at the chance and since then I've been obsessed not only with finding beautiful underwear but also telling anyone who will listen to get themselves measured as they are probably wearing the wrong size.  In my honest opinion, out of anyone who has told me what they think their size is, 90% were incorrect.  If you want a bit more information, please read my post here :)

So after all my banging on about correct sizes, I thought I better let you all know that I have found the perfect bra.  If you wear a cup size that is larger than average like me, then you'll know how hard it is to find a pretty and supportive bra that doesn't cost an absolutely fortune.  But, after years of searching, one little lunch time mooch in M&S answered my prayers....

This gorgeous floral lace plunge bra is not only pretty but it is comfortable, supportive, only £14 and is stocked up to a GG (NB - M&S seem to miss out FF for some reason; so a FF becomes a G and G becomes GG).  It is also seriously flattering and gives a great shape - it truly is a perfect bra for larger cup sizes.

M&S are currently also running a promotion of £5 off when you spend £30 which makes this even sweeter!  The range can be found here and includes a gorgeous long line bra up and matching knickers.

Do you all struggle to find gorgeous lingerie in larger cup sizes too that don't cost the Earth?  I'd love to know you opinions on this one!! xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Product of the month: Mythic Oil

Ever since the September Glossy Box landed in my lap, there has been one product that I have used every single day, without fail.

It is, of course, the beautiful Mythic Oil from the L'oreal Professionnel range.

Hair oils have been on my radar for months but I'd always been of the view that I had enough hair products to last me a life time and I just didn't need one.  Not anymore!!!!

I honestly could not live without this product now.  From the first time I applied two drops to my wet hair and then blow dried it, I noticed a difference.  My hair was softer, smoother and generally looked a million times better.  My split ends were sealed and any fly-aways were history.  When applied to my dry hair after, it gave me the most amazing shine and the scent made my hair smell like I'd just come out of the hairdressers.  I was hooked!

As for the actual product, it's enriched with all sorts of oils that care for your hair and give it back some moisture without ever making your hair greasy or weighed down.

I am in love!  If you are like me and think that any old serum makes your hair feel as good as you possibly think.....try a hair oil!  You will not be disappointed - I promise!!!

EDIT: I am a useless blogger and put absolutely no details in of where to get this.  It can be bought from hair salons but for the savvy beauty addict, Cheap Smells or Feel Unique are your best option to snap it up for £11.95.  Go on...... You're worth it ;)