Saturday, 8 February 2014

2013|A Year in Photos - Part 1

So a second ago it was Christmas and New Year; now we are a week into February - how did that happen?! 2013 already seems like a distant memory but for me it really was an incredible year. Both personally and professionally I don't think I've ever felt happier; my relationships blossomed, I made some incredible new friends and got to travel to some beautiful destinations. Of course, it wasn't without its ups and downs and leaving the UK to move to Australia tested me in numerous ways but overall, it was an amazing year.

I've seen a few similar posts to these floating around and thought it was a great idea to document the past year and highlight some of my favourite moments. I hope one day, in years to come I'll stumble across these posts and all the memories will come rushing back. I don't write a traditional diary so this is the next best thing!

January started off with a bang in Edinburgh. I absolutely loved the city although I will admit the cold did get to me - I don't think I felt my toes for the whole 4 day trip. The rest of the month was like most Januarys - cold, wet and slow with limited funds left from Christmas! 
I did kick start a new health regime though; one which, although I did fall off the wagon a few many times, is still going strong. When I wasn't at work or in the gym, I lived in my onesie and lunched out with friends - an easy way to socialise on a budget!

February arrived and with it a new lease of life. I was promoted at work which was an amazing feeling and I also received a totally unexpected rebate from the tax man - cue a shopping trip and a new baby to hang off my arm! This was my biggest purchase of the year and one I still love to this day. I think it may have started a 'new year, new bag' tradition. I have an idea on what my 2014 bag will be but I'm not too sure just yet; it's a tough decision!

With my slightly larger pay cheque I also started to experience a lot more of London and fell deeper in love with the city. My friends and I discovered The Diner one rainy weekday night and it became a bit of an obsession - all of my cheat days were spent in this place! If you've never been, hot foot it to one of their locations (they have a few dotted around), order a BCC dog and a portion of sweet potato fries. You'll have to unbutton your skinnies but it will be so worth it.

Everyone in the UK knows that March is the month where you start praying for sunshine and warmth. The winter seems endless and all you want to do is walk to work without the need for 10 layers, a hat and a pair of gloves. 2013 was not much different but we kept ourselves busy with numerous selfies, an incredible night out at The O2 to see Girls Aloud and an amazing Alice In Wonderland party. I also jumped on the designer nail polish phone cover trend - I am a bonafide sheep.

April was a stand out month due to an amazing work trip to our company HQ in Austin. Everyone in the office had literally been counting down the days for months and when it finally rolled around, was one of the best 5 days of the year. We got to stay in The W which I pretty much jumped for joy over and had the opportunity to meet our international colleagues which was fantastic. We also went to IHOP for breakfast - need I say more?! 

After the gluttony in Austin, May saw a increase in the gym time and a new appreciation for the weights room. There was also plenty of time for fun and a girls weekend in Liverpool was another highlight of the year. We slapped on the fake tan and danced the night away - I definitely want to make time for more trips like this in 2014.

Finally June arrived and kick started a wonderful Summer. Mitch and I flew to Mykonos, an idyllic Greek island, to spend a week with my parents. It was probably the best holiday I have ever had - the crystal clear waters, pristine white houses and delicious local foods drew me in and I honestly think I left a little piece of my heart over there. Which means I'll just have to go back to retrieve it....

Up next - July to December....