Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thursday Treats

For those of us in full time jobs (please someone let me be a student again..!), some days the promise of an hour to wander around the shops at lunch time is the only thing that gets you through the day.

Thursday was one of those days.

Soap and Glory's Scrub 'em and leave 'em and The Righteous Butter. 

I always, always have a tub of Flake Away on the go but variety is the spice of life after all so I switched it up for this exfoliator instead.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but will keep you posted.!

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

I have wanted this blush for months but I could never find it.  Thursday however was my lucky day with the whole Sleek section having just been restocked.  It is just as gorgeous as I imagined - a perfect peachy pink with just the right amount of gold shimmer.  Expect a FOTD soon!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far and relishes the extra hour in bed tonight - what a luxury! xxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mars Bar Melts

I feel it's a bit of an oxymoron posting this after I've just got back from an intense Zumba class but then, and I don't know about you, the only reason I exercise is so I can eat delicious treats like this..!!

I shamelessly stole this recipe from Rosie's blog, which is my current favourite, and couldn't wait to share the joy.  These are so easy to make - 4 ingredients and 10 minutes - which makes them a winner because, after all, who has time to faff around in the kitchen after a long day?!


3 Mars bars
1 box of Betty Crocker's Devil's Food Cake Mix
2 eggs
4.5 tablespoons of oil


Step 1: Eat 1 Mars bar
Step 2: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees
Step 3: Mix the cake mix, the eggs and the oil together
Step 4: Slice 2 Mars bars
Step 5: Roll a bit of the dough around a piece of Mars bar
Step 6: Bake for 7/8 minutes

And that's it..!!  Enjoy these beauties straight out of the oven and just make sure you don't store any that are left in the fridge or you'll lose that delicious, gooey centre...

Heaven...!! xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Six Pack

Waking up to a six pack is not something that usually happens to one on a Monday morning - in my dreams of course Ryan Gosling is with me every morning - but this was reality!  It really was the cherry on the top of the cake when I opened the door yesterday on my day off to see my postman holding a very obvious Glossy Box.  This was a total surprise and I really do need to say a big thank you to Lily and the rest of the Glossy Box team as it really wasn't something I was expecting.

This month was an extra special 'six pack' in celebration of the monthly subscription hitting its 6 month milestone.  We were treated with six products instead of the usual 5, as well as a bonus Dermalogica cosmetic bag which for a make up bag/storage obsessive like me is an absolute bonus!

Obviously I know there will be a million and one posts like this so I've kept it short and sweet but I will try and incorporate my views on the products into some posts over the next week or so.  Like September's box, there is one stand out product for me again - the Stila eyeliner.  It is a beautiful olive green shot through with gold which is one of my favourite colours to wear on my eyes... I will hopefully manage a sleepy FOTD for you all soon!

I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far.... half way though the working week tomorrow!! xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

TOWIB - The Only Way Is Blogging

This past weekend has been one of the best in a long, long time.  I trundled down to the big smoke and as well as seeing some of my best school and University friends, I attended Saturday's bloggers' meet up - The Only Way Is Blogging.

I was so excited about finally meeting all the beautiful girls that I read about and chat to daily and also seeing Yu again!  The day didn't disappoint in that sense - everyone I met and spoke to was gorgeous and it felt like we'd know each other for years.  I also discovered some amazing new blogs (all links below!) and cannot wait to meet all the girls again!

The actual event was an exciting affair held in Babble Bar - a stones throw from Green Park tube station.  There were showcases from new brands Vivo and FashionistA as well as well as talks about HTML, photoraphy and general blogging tips and tricks.  I also had a Rodarte inpsired look carried out on my which was a little out of comfort zone but a new experience all the same...!

We got some products to try out from both Vivo and FashionistA which I am honestly really excited about so keep an eye out for some reviews soon!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!  I had today off work but unfortunately I'm back to the grindstone tomorrow....wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


With the colder weather rapidly approaching and a serious lack of sleep, my skin has taken a bit of a hit recently and is looking somewhat lacklustre.  Not even my beloved Hush cream colour base can save it - really desperate times..!!

I hoped that a quick purchase of Fix+ would give me a healthy, dewy complexion but unfortunately I feel like I've wasted £12.50 on a bottle of water that basically doesn't do much?  I've tried it under my make up, over, both, blasted my face with a hairdryer after.... but - nothing?  No effect that I see?

Don't get me wrong - it feels lovely and refreshing when applied but I can't help but think I could have bought a spritz bottle and filled it up with water??

What do you gorgeous girls think?  Are you fan of Fix+ or feel that it is a bit of a gimmick?  I am by no means disheartened just yet......I have a feeling one of you will give me a tip of how to use it and I'll fall immediately in love.....

Monday, 3 October 2011

Girls Aloud Lashes: Kimberley

Step aside Nicola, the Kimberley lashes are my new favourite!  Whereas Nicola's design are quite large and can look a bit OTT, the Kimberley lashes are beautiful and absolutely perfect the way they are - no trimming or cutting down needed!  They add the perfect amount of length and volume without looking ridiculous or weighing down my eyes.

Looking back I have no idea why I never tried these sooner, especially as Kimberley has always been my favourite member of Girls Aloud.  I think she's beautiful and has the most amazing figure....why everyone is obsessed with Cheryl, I'll never know!

These lashes are now right alongside my other favourites - Eylure's 107s and 110s.  What are your favourite false lashes?  Please let me know!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life's too the shoes

I bought these grey Zara shoes last Friday during a little lunch-time splurge.  I loved them on first sight and thought the metal heel made them look so much more expensive than their £39 price tag.  I honestly thought they would be about £70 but at that price, I absolutely had to have them.

Then on Sunday when my gorgeous mother bear spotted these Jessica Simpson peep toe heels in TK Maxx, I fell in love for a second time that weekend.  I deliberated whether I really needed another new pair of heels but I was reminded of one my favourite quotes I spotted somewhere - "Life's too the shoes!!"