Sunday, 9 May 2010

Review: Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

Unlike all my other multiples of products that I own, I only ever have 1 or 2 mascaras on the go at the same time. This is mainly due to the fact that I feel I have really small lashes and that no mascara ever gives me the length, thickness or curl that I want. I have tried so many that I just got in the mindset that no mascara could help me so I just always pick up a mascara I like the look of and deal with it. That or use false lashes.

My eyes also always water whatever the weather so a waterproof mascara is compulsory.

So when one day I purchased Bourjois Volume Clubbing waterproof mascara I was over the moon. It made my lashes look amazing and it didn't budge all day.

So when I ran out of my Volume Clubbing the other day, I rushed to Boots and stupidy decided to try Bourjois's Liner Effect waterproof mascara instead. Why? I have no idea. It is £1 more than its Volume Clubbing equivalent (£8.99) and has a plastic brush which I have always hated.

What does Bourjois say?

Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara has a flexible new-generation brush with long bristles to intensely lengthen lashes, and short bristles to emphasis roots for a liner effect. The formula is enriched with khol to coat lashes with intense colour to give a doe-eyed look which will have them falling at your feet....

My experience

My natural lashes:

Short and flat basically! As you can see in the top photo - they have no natural curl so they look non existent straight on.

With one coat:

I applied one coat by wiggling the short bristles into the roots then the longer bristles through the lashes. Yes my lashes look longer with a slight curl and obviously darker but it was extremely fiddly and hard not to make a mistake. There are definite marks left underneath my bottom lashes.

With two coats:

After a second coat, which was hard to apply as my lashes had dried to a rock solid finish, I'm not sure there is a positive difference? In fact, I think my lashes look slightly worse - in the top picture my lashes look flat again as if the mascara is weighing them down.

My final opinion

Honestly? I hate it. After a week's worth of usage I think the wand is a complete gimmick and no matter which way you use it or choose to apply, the effect is the same. It is so fiddly and time consuming to use and you are guaranteed to get marks everywhere. Definitely not one to use if you are rushing out at 8 in the morning.
It is also near impossible to build up as it dries to such a hard finish so quickly - perhaps due to the khol it contains.
As for the 'Liner Effect' I'm not convinced. In my experience if you wiggle any mascara into the base of your lashes they will look darker and give the effect of eyeliner.

So, would I buy this again?! Definitely not! This was definitely another £9 thrown down the drain and I will be reverting back to my trusty Volume Clubbing mascara a-sap.

Have you had any experience with this mascara?! Let me know!


  1. Eek, this does not sound good at all!

    Thanks for the review though!


  2. I was getting tempted by that so thanks for your review to stop me wasting the cash!

  3. @Hope - It really is awful! xx

    @Gem - No worries at all - that's why I love the blogging community - making sure nobody else makes the same expensive mistakes!! xx

  4. That really sucks, but at least the positive is that you have a mascara you REALLY love and it's only £9 :)

  5. I agree about the other one - that's really good! Sorry you had a bad experience with this one xx

  6. Your lashes look so good with one coat of the mascara, its a shame that its fiddly and hard to apply x

  7. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash - amazing
    VP xx

  8. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash - amazing
    VP xx

  9. That really sucks, but at least the positive is that you have a mascara you REALLY love and it's only £9 :)

  10. I know this is from 2011 but I LOVE this mascara and came across the blog looking for somewhere in the US to purchase it!

  11. I LOVE this mascara, have been using it daily and it's really great for me. I love the brush! Too bad it didn't work for you.