Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Rumour Mill: Soleil Tan De Chanel

If you're anything like me, you've watched numerous videos and read masses of blog posts which have included usage of the infamous Soleil Tan De Chanel aka Bronze Universel.  I've always lusted after the gel based bronzer and its ability to provide either an overall sun kissed look or the illusion of beautiful high cheekbones though some clever contouring...
However, at near enough £30 for a pot, I always hesitated to stump up the money and make the purchase.  (Unemployed student in the blogging corner!)

That was until I heard the re-sizing rumours and sure enough, the Debenhams' website now states the product is £28.60 for 6g.  That's right - 30g down to 6g for the same price?!  The product listing has also mysteriously disappeared from the Boots' website...

Upon this discovery, I hot-footed it down to Boots as fast as my legs could carry me to suss out the situation...

Thankfully, the Chanel assistant had absolutely no knowledge of this so before I knew it, I had a 30g Chanel box in my possession and my debit card lighter by £28.

I'm not sure whether I had one of the last 30g pots for sale or the 6g re-size is just that: a rumour.

Have you recently purchased the famed product or heard of any re-size?!  Let me know..!


  1. Ohh I hope it's not true, that would be so bad!!
    Is it as good as you thought it would be? It's something I have been lusting after for a long time too xx


  2. I am not sure, sounds like a rumour, how can they possibly go from 30g - 6g, seems so ridiculous !!
    Anyway, I have it too, didn't think £28 was too bad for such a huge tub!

  3. @Tor - I haven't actually tried it yet but will definitely report back with what I think! xx

    @Stina - I hope it is! Yes £28 is definitely justified for a huge tub!! xx

  4. surely 6g would be tiny? i purchased the 30g pot a couple of weeks back and absolutely love it.

  5. @Hannah - My thoughts exactly! Maybe it's just a typo on the website?! xx

  6. 6g?! that's tiny, I'm sure it's a rumour or a mistake!

    I love Chanel products and that seems like a must have!



  7. must be a rumour or that is utterly ridiculous! looks like such a good productxxx


  8. Omg I really hope this isn't true! I have been wanting this, but I am holding out until I can afford it.

  9. I've not heard the rumour, but it would be ridiculous if it was true. Surely they can't justify going from 30g to 6g and still charge the same price?? x

  10. wow that's the 1st time I hear of this.. I'm so glad I've got mine.. I love this product..

    How are you enjoying it?