Sunday, 3 April 2011

Foundation Trial: Collection 2000 Naturally Radiant

Out of the products I'm giving a second chance to, this foundation was one that I was really excited to use again.  As a foundation junkie, I've used many in the past but this stuck in my mind as being really good.  So, what's the verdict?!

I'm been trying this out all week and I am so, so impressed!  For a mere £4.19, this performs somewhere in between Colorstay and Double Wear and it therefore comes highly recommended from me!  It's not just me that thinks so as well - with a 4* rating on, Collection 2000 are obviously doing something right!

Availability: Boots and Superdrug - the usual!  £4.19 for a bottle hopefully makes this accessible to anyone and everyone.

Colour: One of its downsides - only 6 shades to choose from.  There is a mix of pink, yellow and neutral tones though so hopefully most people can find something to suit.

Consistency and Application: The product comes out of its squeezy tube - hygienic and practical - with a usual liquid foundation consistency.  There are no gimmicks of air whipping etc - just a straight liquid.  It applies smoothly on the skin with an average blend time - no need to rush as with the likes of Colorstay!  

Coverage: Marketed as a low-medium coverage, I would say that is true.  It can however be built up to a medium-full coverage without looking cakey at all - one of its definite plus points!

Finish: My preferred semi-matte/satin finish.  With a primer there is no real difference - it just glides onto the skin nicely if you use one.  When topped with powder, the finish can look a little heavy which I personally don't favour but it did stay looking fresh for a few more hours than if left without. 

Lasting Power: Here is why I prefer it to Colorstay - it stayed put for hours.  A true test of a foundation is when I work all day on Saturdays.  I'm pleased to report that after 12 hours, with a slight touch up of powder, it looked pretty much as good as when I applied.  It had faded slightly but no where near to the extent of the Colorstay.

Overall: This foundation has many claims including its ability to give skin a new lease of life; leaving it fresh and flawless with a formula that hydrates and energises.  I wouldn't say it lives up to these as the finish is a little too matte but I do still really, really like it.  The coverage is not as heavy and obvious as the Double Wear can be but lasts longer than Colorstay and therefore is the perfect happy medium.

I would recommend this to someone with a normal-combination skin who require a buildable coverage with an average lasting power that can be extended once powdered.  It also contains an SPF of 15 which, combined with the low initial coverage, makes it the perfect foundation for the coming Summer months!

At £4.19, it'd be rude not to give it a try..!

I'm planning on creating a separate page collating all these reviews, adding in extra information and photos etc - if you think this is something you'd like to see, please let me know!


  1. Collection 2000 is such a curious brand, I've heard their concealer is amazing too! I turned to Rimmel for when I was low on dosh and wanted a drugstore foundation around £5, but this will def be my next stop :) Thanks for this, great review!

  2. @Yu - They really are - they are definitely coming out of the woodwork with some great products! I've got my eye on the concealer too - Tanya Burr seems to love it! xx

  3. My first ever make up item was an eyeliner pencil from Collection 2000. Which was a while back. But over the past few years, it seems like they have upped their game. Only downside is their foundation shade range. Never found one that actually suits my skin tone :( xo

  4. I've been trying to find cheaper alternatives to my designer make up brands. This sounds right up my street as a cheaper alternative to my double wear. Their concealer is excellent, I replaced my Benefit one with it and haven't looked back. You should also check out their nail polishes. They look like they're separating on the stand but I tried one the other day and it's absolutely brilliant. The brush is superb. Great blog by the way. Love reading your posts!!