Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Series: Packing

Not that you'd know it from the weather (Typical UK), but Summer is officially here and many of us will be packing up and jetting off to warmer climes for sun, sea and sand.  For me, it's 8 days and counting and the fear is setting in....


 Here are some great tips I've picked up along the years (3 months in Australia with only 15kg was no mean feat..!) and some new ones I've heard recently....

  • Only take what you really love to wear.  That dress that 'may look nice on the beach/with a tan/at sunset' will probably make you feel just as bad when you put it on abroad as it does in your own bedroom.  If you've never rushed to put it on at home, why take it away for your special few weeks?
  • Keep rolling - it's honestly a godsend!  Cuts down on space... and creases too.
  • Apart from jackets/blazers - as learnt from this month's 'Red' - lay inside out with the arms tucked in...genius!
  • Plan - If you're really organised, you can plan your outfits.  Not down to the last detail but if you have 101 summer dresses, take your favourite 10 and you're sorted!
  • Colour co-ordinate - If you're not that organised or simply have just run out of time, just choose items of all the same colour palette and you'll be fine - everything will go with everything else!
  • Cover Up - Always take a light jacket or hoody, even if you're hitting the tropics.  There will usually be an occasion where it gets slighty chilly.  A pashmina is a great alternative that can be used as a blanket on the airplane too, where they are all too fond of arctic temperatures.


  • Be realistic - you may plan to wear a different pair of heels every night but chances are, you'll stick with your faithful sandals - you feet are on holiday too!  Even if you're going to Ibiza - nobody wears heels...I've done it and instantly regretted it!
  • One pair of havaianas, sparkly sandals, wedges and heels should be more than enough for even the worst shoe addict!
  • Neutral colours will go with everything but brights are great for making a statement - go with whatever you're comfortable with.
  • If you're on a city break or know you may be walking last distances occasionally, take an old pair of pumps that you know are broken in already.  New shoes will probably give you blisters - not what you want on a holiday!


  • Take minis or not at all - Most toiletries you can get anywhere.  Unless you have a very specific need for a product, just save on room/weight and buy when you're out there! 
  • Be realisitc - again!  You're on holiday!  Will you really be spending hours exfoliating, moisturising and deep conditioning your hair?  Probably not.
  • Think outside the box - Conditioner is great for shaving your legs with and a light pair of exfoliating gloves will turn any old shower gel into a scrub and you can just throw them away at the end of the holiday. 

  • Share - If you're going with friends, agree to share hair tools/books/toiletries and even clothes if you have the same style.
  • Be a lightweight - If you have 20kg allowance but your suitcase when empty weighs 5kg, you're immediately at a disadvantage.  Try and find the lightest one around!
  • Take advantage of the hand luggage allowances.  Usually this is 10kg which if you pack right, is a lot!  But remember to have your liquids in a clear bag under a total of 1L. 
  • Always check the weight of your luggage before you leave!  The airlines are rip-off merchants as we all know!
  • Accessories are your best friend - jewellery, especially large earrings, can completely dress up an ordinanary outfit and take up hardly space or weight.
And most importantly....
  • LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!  If you know that last year you took specialist hair serums for in the sun/a different belt for each outfit/5 pairs of pyjamas and 10 pairs of shoes (...yes, I admit it - I did just this) and ended up living in the same bikini and pair of flip flops for a week, don't make the same mistake again.  This year - bikinis, havaianas, tanning oil and a few dresses are all I'm pretty much taking.....leaves more room for the duty free Vodka ;)

If you have any more tips - please let me know! xxxx


  1. This is a fantastic post hun - I am already dreading packing for my trip to Oz this August but I've definitely taken some helpful little tips here! I am currently on the lookout for a new mini suitcase for hand-luggage to make the most of the weight limit :) XX

  2. Ferraro Roshni28 June 2011 at 20:36

    great tips! I'm going on holiday next week - I'll definitely re-consider everything now xx

  3. This is such a fab post! I'm guilty of pretty much all of the mistakes you mentioned haha! I'm on a mission to cut down all of my beauty products as I take full size everything and my suitcase weights a tonne!


  4. I love this post! I hate packing for holidays - it is so stressful and I am guilty of taking too much!

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  5. Thank you for the positive feedback girls!! I think we are all guilty of over packing - typical girls! xx