Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christmas comes but once a.....month

After another long day at work on Friday, coming home to a parcel was definitely the highlight of the working week!  What made this even more exciting, was that I literally had no idea what was going to be inside it.  I am, of course, talking about the infamous Glossy Box.

The monthly luxury-sample subscription service was something that I'd heard so much about but had just never got around to signing up for.

However, after experiencing the sheer excitement of not knowing what I was going to find, I am definitely a convert!  I was literally squealing - talk about a big kid!

Out of the 5 items, there is definitely one stand out product that I am already in love with - watch this space for a review very soon!


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  2. wow, what a great box. deffinetley have to sign up to this! The Loriel mythic oil is such an amazing product I love it! xx

  3. I would definitely recommend it! Ah yes the oil is AMAZING!! xx

  4. I got the same items as you and I love it all (well, maybe not the Plum perfume!) but I love everything else! Glossybox is my fave out of the ones that are out there at the moment. x