Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dream Jeans

Every few months, that horrific day comes when you finally have to admit that your jeans do not look fashionably worn in or 'vintage'....they just look old, tired and when it gets really bad, a little bit holey.  Then the panic sets in that you have to set a day to traipse around the shops trying on a hundred pairs of jeans that are either too long/too short/too tight/too loose.  You then give up and decide that maybe your faithful jeans don't actually look too bad and you can get away with them for a little while longer....yeah right..!

Well now, those days are over for me (and hopefully you...) my friends!  These babies have caused quite a stir in the blogging community and having had them in my wardrobe for around 2 months now, I decided I needed to also declare my love for....


When I first saw these on the hanger, I though they looked far too thin and assumed they would look too baggy and just generally, pretty awful.  Oh, how wrong I was!  In reality they are:

a) So incredibly soft I could sleep in them
b) Stretchy enough that they hug all the right areas (namely my impossibly flat derrière) and give you a fantastic shape with no saggy knees in sight!
c) Tight enough around that ankles that they look perfect with any type of boot - no bunching up to be seen
d) So durable that even after a million and one washes & wears, they still look as good as new
e) Cheap as chips!
f) Available in a colour/print/length/size to suit absolutely anybody - I've got my eye on some of the fantastic new designs for spring
g) Just generally, bloody fantastic!!

If you haven't been introduced to these already, go and try them on and I promise - you'll fall in love!  You can thank me later... ;)


  1. I have a pair as well and they are very comfy! But I sometime feel like they're too thin and more like leggings than proper jeans. But they do fit well and have lasted.

  2. I love the blue and white striped ones, Ive been eyeing them off for a while now ha :)

  3. oooh thank you, I will have a look at these, I've wanted new jeans for ages. I know what you means about the holey jeans! haha They're just soo comfy xxx

  4. I love these! Bought my first pair a month ago, tried to buy another pair today but they didn't have my size! Really want the lilac ones I think xx