Saturday, 7 December 2013

Life Update|A Londoner on loan to Sydney

As you can probably tell from a) the title of this post and b) my recent Instagram snaps, I recently bid the beautiful London a very tearful and emotional goodbye. The decision to leave was not an easy one but with a rather handsome and wonderful Aussie boyfriend, the move was inevitable and one that I knew I would never regret.

It has been 5 weeks since we arrived now and after a shaky month of wondering if we would ever find a nice apartment, stressing about finding a job and, perhaps most difficult, attempting to survive on picking up free Wi-Fi (hence the radio silence here!), I think we are finally settled. It definitely hasn't been easy and we both miss the UK a ridiculous amount but, with the plan to stay here for a year before returning, I am excited for the coming months.

I can't wait to share with you all my adventures and, most importantly, my Aussie hauls and beauty finds. But for now, a round up of the last few weeks...

1 The absolutely beautiful Michael Kors purse that my wonderful colleagues bought me for a leaving present. They know me so well - I absolutely love it and it goes perfectly with my bag. 2 A mountain of goodies from a beautiful family friend. I packed these with me for the 24 hour flight and boy did my skin thank me for it. I landed in Sydney with skin that looked a lot better than I felt! 3 I had a few days at home after I finished work to spend time with my family and was surprised with these beautiful flowers from one of my incredible friends from the office. Cue another huge sobbing session! 4 If they hadn't been generous enough already, 2 of my team mates surprised me another present - An Australian survival guide. Mountains of chocolate, lots of Aussie paraphernalia and this beautiful palette. It has traveled the miles with me and it's now an everyday stable.

1 A final weekend with my oldest best friends from school was finished off with brunch at The Breakfast Club. It was truly delicious and a perfect way to say a short-term goodbye. 2 After an incredible leaving party with work, we made it to Duck and Waffle for breakfast at 5am. It was perhaps the funniest, saddest and most surreal meal I have ever had; not to mention delicious. If you're ever in London and get the late night munchies, this is the place for you. I'm already looking forward to a reunion night out followed by a trip here next year. 3 A perfect last Sunday spent with my family and dearest friends. My beautiful 9 year old niece is my favourite person in the entire world and when she started to cry when saying goodbye, it completely broke my heart. Lots of Skype sessions are getting me through until I can see her for cuddles again! 4 A photobooth snap from the aforementioned leaving party with the aforementioned Aussie paraphernalia. I think it sums up the night perfectly....

1 I made it! A day trip to Manly polished off with a little pot of heaven. 3 More delicious food - this time it was heaven on a plate courtesy of Pancakes On The Rocks - an absolute must if you are ever in Sydney! Thankfully I have a gym in my new building as otherwise I might return to the UK a few stone heavier than when I left.. 4 One of my favourite days here so far. A perfect morning of watching the boys surfing at a deserted beach. It truly cemented the 'Aussie dream feeling', even after a 6am wake up call.

So, what's next? A 25th birthday, a sweet new job (literally) and a run in with Russell Crowe. Watch this space....

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