Sunday, 5 December 2010

Coming of age

I am officially 22 and I guess that means - an adult.  No more adolescent debauchery or days spent watching Disney films whilst in my pyjamas.

Oh, who am I're only as young as you feel, correct?!

I celebrated my birthday last weekend at home with my amazing family and then journeyed back to Manchester to partake in a fabulous 'G' themed party thrown by my ever-wonderful housemates.

I was completely spoilt with mountains of tempting cakes and chocolate; relaxing massages; heavenly soap and glory treats; beautiful perfume and sparkly trinkets - honestly, you'd think I'm a girly girl or something...

A selection of my gorgeous presents

On a beauty note, I have been trialling MaxFactor's new Xperience foundation recently so expect a hearty review soon but I did wear Double Wear for my party and I have to say it photographs beautifully - a FOTD will be done soon..I promise!
I also received Rae Morris' book titled Make Up - The Ultimate Guide and I am just in awe of it.  I have been engrossed in it since my best friend gave it to me - I can hopefully take some pictures that do it justice to show to you all.

Until next time... xxx


  1. happy belated birthday!! i love all of your presents!! yeah ur right though - you're as young as you feel! xxx

  2. yay so happy to see a post from you again! glad you had a good birthday! and omg so jealous of the Rae Morris book, I've wanted it for so long! xxx