Friday, 17 December 2010

Foundation Trial: MaxFactor Xperience

You may remember I bought this foundation back at the end of November in this haul..  I was enticed by the promise of a lightweight but full coverage finish that would give me the skin of my dreams this Winter.

I've had - give or take - around a month to try it out and, unfortunately, I'm not impressed.  I've used it basically every day that I've put on make up and given it numerous chances.  I've willed it to work.  I've used it in so many ways that I can't even count...

But my general view?

I just don't like it...

And here is why:

Availability:  Maybe its best point - it is available in chemists everywhere so Boots, Superdrug etc.  It has an RRP of around £10 which is pretty standard for a low end foundation but I did get in of offer for £6.99 so can be picked up for less.

Colour: From what I can see from the website, it has only 6 shades.  Classic 'drugstore' foundation.  It also oxidises like crazy so it is near impossible to find a good colour match.

Consistency and Application: To give it its due, it does live up to its weightless promise and almost feels air-whipped and mousse like when you apply it.  It glides over the skin nicely but can settle in dry areas.

Coverage: It is no way in hell full coverage; not at all.  I'd say primarily can be built up due to its light consistency but since it oxidises and settles in dry areas, it is not a good look.

Finish: This is where the major issue lies.  The product is just not consistent.  One day I will be in love with the finish - all semi matte and nicely dewy on my cheeks - and another day it will be cakey and fully matte.

Lasting Power:  I hate to be so negative but it is truly horrendous.  I was out shopping one particularly cold day and when I looked in a shop mirror, I wanted to hide... The foundation had worn off in patches and my red nose was very, very visible..  Even on a normal day, I think it lasts for four or five hours at most..

Overall: I think my overall view on this foundation that is is just isn't consistent.  One day it will look nice and the next it will be awful.  I acknowledge that my skin is changing over the winter but I want to know I can put a foundation on and be aware of how it will wear - not constantly wondering how I look by lunchtime.  This is where Double Wear comes in...

It I had to recommend this to anyone, it would be to a oily/combination skin in a warm environment who want a medium matte coverage for a few hours at a time.  It just does not stand the test of time for a long day or night out.

Repurchase? Unfortunately not.

Have you tried this foundation?  Have you got on better than me with it?!


  1. I have this, and actually really rate it. Definitely not for a night out but for an everyday work foundation it does the job for me! x

  2. I was going to purchase this tomorrow when I go shopping, good job I read this first and saved my money!

  3. I've never really got on with Max Factor foundations to be honest, I don't know what it is about them x

  4. I never really liked their foundations, drugstore foundations I only use maybelline (:

  5. I find most of maxfactors foundations oxidise making it really hard to get a good colour :/
    great review!! x

  6. @missmascara1983 - I'm so jealous it works for you - I really wanted to like it but unfortunately I just think my skin isn't suited to it :( xx

    @Cherries In The Snow - I'm glad I may have saved you a few pennies! xx

    @communicatingbeauty - I've liked a few of theirs before but this one just doesn't cut it! xx

    @Marisa - I really need to try some Maybelline - I haven't used any of their products in years!! xx

    @R May A - Yeah they all seem to have that problem..they need to sort it out!! xx

  7. Ahh, man. Sorry to hear that this didn't work out. I have proper dry skin, and always want a full coverage, so I will probably stay clear of this one! Thank you :)

    And thanks so much for getting back to me! It was a great help. I will definitely pick up that shade in the Revlon Colorstay! Between that and Double Wear, they are both amazing. SO thank you for just happening to mention the shade in one of my favourite foundations! ;) Merry Christmas to you too Poppet! xxx