Sunday, 27 March 2011

Drugstore Brand Spotlight: L'oreal

As much as we all love high end beauty products, they do have a (sometimes ridiculous) high price tag attached.  I have therefore made it my aim over the past few years to weed out the best products from the drugstore (I hate that phrase as much as the next person but it is standard in the beauty community..!) that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to put a spotlight on some of the best products found in Boots/Superdrug that I've personally bought and loved and the odd few that have disappointed... Because, at the end of the day, a low end mascara may cost £5-ish but if you end up buying 4 awful ones, you may as well splash the cash on a YSL..  So, hopefully I can pin point the best products to save on and, with some recommendations from you beautiful people, build up a resource of the best cheap products out there!

Please note: I am not affiliated with any companies whatsoever - these are my honest opinions, as always.

First up....



True Match Foundation and Powder: Blendable.  Good shade range.  Commendable lasting power.  Adapts to skin. Don't bother with the roll on - very much a gimmick!

Infallible Foundation and Concealer: Great lasting power.  Nice shade range. Concealer thick but blendable - great for under the eyes!  The foundation now comes with the option of an attached brush - I would say stick with the original packing - more product for your money! (30ml vs 25ml)

Studio Secrets Primer and Foundation: Primer makes skin feel gorgeous and helps any foundation to glide on.  Foundation applies beautifully with attached brush and sets with a gorgeous dewy finish.  

Touch Magique concealer: Light reflecting brush on concealer.  Light coverage but nice effect under eyes as doesn't sink into fine lines.


Voluminous Mascara: Gives long, thick lashes. No flaking or smudging to note.

Telescopic Mascara: Amazing length!

Carbon Gloss Super Liner: Precision nib that can great desired thickness. Glossy black line that stays put all day.

Lash Renewal Serum: Brilliant mascara primer.  Over time, lashes look longer, healthier and thicker.


Glam Shine Lipglosses: Glossy gorgeous colours - great shade range.  Heart shaped wand smooths and plumps lips.

If you have any other recommendations please comment - I will then add them in!


  1. I love Loreal Voluminous mascara - i prefer the black one to the grey one though - the grey one tends to clump more :( x

  2. This is a brilliant idea! Tempted to try the Touche Magique (does this remind you of Tots TV and the 'sac magique'? Haha) concealer... I HATE MAC Studio Finish.


  3. I've realised how little I have from L'Oreal.. I'm not sure why! Really want to try Telescopic mascara though. I love the idea of these posts, looking forward to the next one! :)

  4. The Glam Shine Lipglosses are one of the first lipoglosses I've ever tried, and it's the first I have used up!

  5. Love this post. L'oreal is one of my favorite drugstore brands, their mascaras are so good.

  6. I love Loreal Voluminous mascara - i prefer the black one to the grey one though - the grey one tends to clump more :( x