Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Match Made in Heaven: #1

In life, there are pairings that are truly made for each other.  Bread and butter; bacon and eggs; Ben and Jerry...

And in my make up collection, this is no exception.  Sometimes you just find two products that go so well together, you couldn't imagine one without the other.  Example numero uno...

MAC Dark Edge Eyeshadow and Benefit's Hard Angle Brush 

I use these every day, without fail, to fill in and shape my eyebrows.  I have tried different shadows and different brushes but nothing can compare to these two: what can I say, they were made for each other!

The shadow provides the perfect shade for my eyebrows and, although this quad has been totally used and abused, it shows no sign of hitting pan.  As for the brush, the bristles are the perfect density for creating either a defined or soft look depending on my mood.  It is also fantastic quality - after two years of constant usage and washing, it is still as good as day one.

What are your cosmetic matches made in heaven?!



  1. I love using angled brushes on my brows - works so much better!

    My perfect match is Mac Magenta lip pencil with Rebel/Impassioned lipsticks...beautiful! :) x

  2. That's a lovely looking quad hun! Is the green Juxt? x

  3. I need to get my hands on a decent angled brush for my brows, I only have a mini one! x

  4. @Jen - I would never be without my angled brush now! That lip combo sounds beautiful - I need to be brave and embrace a bolder lip! xx

    @Stacey - Thank you! It was actually from the Cult of Cherry collection and is called Sharp Edge..hope that helps! xx

    @Rachel - I would highly recommend one! xx