Monday, 9 May 2011

Back In The Day: The Make Up Wishes Archives

Last week, my daily read of Vivianna's blog inspired me to go back over all my old posts.  Like Anna, when I stumble upon a new blog, I rarely have the chance to go back through all their posts.  So this is a little chance for any new followers to see any products I've raved about in the past and how I've looked on the odd occasion..!

My first ever post highlighted my 'my nail saviour' and this is still a product I use to this day.  My nails are strong and healthy and I really notice a decline in their quality if I don't use this.  A definite must-have!

My love of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs and St Moriz fake tan are still going strong and I now turn to nothing else to give my natural pale skin a suitably healthy glow!

Looking back at my posts from the Summer last year, reminds me of how fantastic it was.  Many amazing nights were had, kick started with the Globall.  My make up stayed pretty much the same as in my Out and About post during the warmer months and my go to perfume was my Chanel Chance dupe, which I still love to this day!

As for my Essentials, I still would not be without them and I cannot go a few weeks without some bling courtesy of OPI on my nails - I will repurchase this for as long as I can find it!

Finally, I am still adamant that my London Haul is the best money I have ever spent - I will never regret the purchases made that day!  And if you haven't read my advice on bras, please, please take a look - you won't regret it and may end up a few cup sizes bigger by the end of the day!

If you fancy doing this, please leave me a link - I'd love to see what you have hiding in your archives!!


  1. Fab idea hun - love looking back through posts, it's my Sunday treat :) XX

  2. Loving the post, what a cute idea :) xx

  3. As weird as this sounds, your bra advice post was fab! I learnt so much xx

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

  5. Thank you! All credit goes to Anna though for the idea! xx

  6. I got the boots nail solution after reading your post and I love it. I gave my mum a bottle of it and she loves it too