Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer In Action

I bought these two products way back in June last year and have used them on and off since then, both neither loving or hating them.  But when talking to Yu on Twitter last night and watching how Bobbi Brown herself uses them, I was inspired to dig them out today and give them another whirl!


The purpose of this pink/peach toned product is to counteract the blue tones apparent in dark circles.  
I have very dry skin around my eyes so after a heavy application of eye cream, I laid down the corrector with Benefit's synthetic flat liner brush totally under my eye, right into the lash line and in the inner corners where I am naturally very dark.
I then blended it in slightly with my ring finger allowing the heat from my fingers to help merge the product with my skin.  I did this twice to get a full coverage effect.


The concealer is required to brighten the under eye area and bring it back to your natural skin colour compared with the very peachy/pink corrector.

Again, I applied this with the Benefit brush before attempting to buff it in with the fluffy Revlon brush - a supposed dupe for the MAC 224.  However, I am so dry under my eyes that I found this made the product drag so I switched back to blending with my ring finger.


The yellow toned powder that comes with the concealer allows for the products to be set whilst brightening the whole eye area.

The finished result

Left: No product; Right: Corrector, Concealer & Powder

I would definitely say there is a marked improvement - my under eye area looks lighter, brighter and generally more awake!  No miracle though...

Recently, the concealer has been reformulated to be even creamier and the range has seen a redesign with the products now available to buy as only Concealer, Corrector or a Concealer/Pressed Powder Duo.  The pressed powder will definitely be an advantage over the old style which for anyone who has this, will know it can get messy!

I would definitely recommend the Corrector - it can be used under any concealer to really brighten and neutralise dark circles.  As for the Concealer, I wouldn't like to comment on the new formulation but I find this old one slightly too thick for my dry eyes and find it can cake on me.  However, if you fortunate to not have dry skin, I can imagine this being a product for you!

Do you have any other concealer recommendations?  Next up for me is the Vichy Dermablend - I want me some of that high coverage!!


  1. I tried it this way too - it's a bit better but I was the same, not amazing! I think the duo is actually a concealer/pressed powder duo, so it's the same as before just not in the loose powder form :)

  2. Ah thank you - I've amended it now!! xx

  3. Np love :) Looking at your pics now though, it looks so much brighter and nicer :)

  4. Really enjoyed this post :) I was going to get this after seeing it advertised in Glamour, but I wasn't sure if it would live up to the hype. Not sure I'll get it now because I sometimes have an issue with dry skin. Weird that I saw this review on the exact same day I was just about to buy it and see for myself :) Thanks x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment! If you have dry skin, I would recommend the corrector still - it is really lovely and creamy; it's just the concealer that I find drags a little!

    I'm glad I could help you a little though - these products are not cheap so I like to be honest when something doesn't quite live up to the expectation! xx

  6. You can definitely see a difference with the concealer. I remember trying this out a few years ago but went with a MAC concealer as it was cheaper. Very tempted to give this a go again, especially if the product is creamier x