Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Six Pack

Waking up to a six pack is not something that usually happens to one on a Monday morning - in my dreams of course Ryan Gosling is with me every morning - but this was reality!  It really was the cherry on the top of the cake when I opened the door yesterday on my day off to see my postman holding a very obvious Glossy Box.  This was a total surprise and I really do need to say a big thank you to Lily and the rest of the Glossy Box team as it really wasn't something I was expecting.

This month was an extra special 'six pack' in celebration of the monthly subscription hitting its 6 month milestone.  We were treated with six products instead of the usual 5, as well as a bonus Dermalogica cosmetic bag which for a make up bag/storage obsessive like me is an absolute bonus!

Obviously I know there will be a million and one posts like this so I've kept it short and sweet but I will try and incorporate my views on the products into some posts over the next week or so.  Like September's box, there is one stand out product for me again - the Stila eyeliner.  It is a beautiful olive green shot through with gold which is one of my favourite colours to wear on my eyes... I will hopefully manage a sleepy FOTD for you all soon!

I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far.... half way though the working week tomorrow!! xxx


  1. Ah I wake up with a six pack with me every morning in the shape of Rafael Nadal.. ahem one can wish ;) I really want to subscribe to GlossyBox now! xxx

  2. I just cancelled my subscription.. I feel like including 3 dermatalogica products and a bag was pretty sneaky.. I would have rather tried 3 different brands!!

  3. @Charlotte - haha good choice of Rafael!! xx

    @Tali - Yes I definitely agree - is a little bit of a cop out xx

  4. I think the boxes have got better, but I agree with Tali ^ Basically 4 products from one brand isn't exactly wow. I'm sure they're good!

    Lucy x