Wednesday, 12 October 2011


With the colder weather rapidly approaching and a serious lack of sleep, my skin has taken a bit of a hit recently and is looking somewhat lacklustre.  Not even my beloved Hush cream colour base can save it - really desperate times..!!

I hoped that a quick purchase of Fix+ would give me a healthy, dewy complexion but unfortunately I feel like I've wasted £12.50 on a bottle of water that basically doesn't do much?  I've tried it under my make up, over, both, blasted my face with a hairdryer after.... but - nothing?  No effect that I see?

Don't get me wrong - it feels lovely and refreshing when applied but I can't help but think I could have bought a spritz bottle and filled it up with water??

What do you gorgeous girls think?  Are you fan of Fix+ or feel that it is a bit of a gimmick?  I am by no means disheartened just yet......I have a feeling one of you will give me a tip of how to use it and I'll fall immediately in love.....


  1. For years I couldn't see the point in this but now I use it to thin down my foundation. I squirt out some foundation and spritz a little of this onto it and then apply to my face using a brush. It definitely helps Studio Fix Fluid look a bit more natural. I don't think I'd repurchase just for that purpose though, but I'm glad I found a use for it so I wont waste it! xx

  2. i really don't get the hype about fix+. it doesn't seem to do anything to my face other than make it wet. if i want my face to look glowing i stick to highlighters like mac pearl cream colour base & dior amber diamond xx

  3. I have this too, i LOVE mac but I really feel this product was a bit pointless, would rather have bought a lovely lipstick of theirs.

  4. its great with powder foundation, sheering out heavy/cakey foundations and to freshen up make up - spritz and buff with a stippling brush. HOLY GRAIL!!

  5. Was lovely to meet you too sweetie!! Love your blog too!!! <3

  6. @Jo - I will definitely be trying this...I've been mainly putting it on before/after my foundation but haven't tried it actually with it at the same time! xx

    @Caroline - That's what I've been finding too...just makes my face a bit wet and then when it dries it leaves my foundation all streaky! Not that impressed..!! xx

    @Hannah - My thoughts EXACTLY! That £12.50 could have been put to much better use! xx

    @Anonymous - I have tried this but just doesn't seem to work for me...just leaves me a big streaky mess! I will persevere though! xx

    @Clo - Thank you sweetheart! xx

  7. I've been tempted so many times to buy this but then thought what is it's purpose?! Not sure I can justify £12.50 on this whereas I cannot live without The Body Shop "Vitamin E Mist"! If my make-up is looking cakey I spray it to set and it makes it look soo natural xx

  8. I feel the same about the Fix+ bottle. Im wondering whether I've been using it wrong though perhaps, I like the idea above about spritzing it and using a stripling brush to!

  9. Aah I've always been undecided about whether or not to buy this but somethings always stopped me!!
    For healthy dewy I mix Benefit's moon beam into my foundation or another highlighter into the foundation - looks like a very natural 'glow from within' thing ha! If you find fix+ does work do an update post would be v.interesting!! xoxo