Saturday, 5 November 2011

A beautiful find

Apart from cosmetics, there is one other thing I am really passionate about - Lingerie.

It all started on my gap year when I was offered a job on the lingerie department of my local House of Fraser.  I jumped at the chance and since then I've been obsessed not only with finding beautiful underwear but also telling anyone who will listen to get themselves measured as they are probably wearing the wrong size.  In my honest opinion, out of anyone who has told me what they think their size is, 90% were incorrect.  If you want a bit more information, please read my post here :)

So after all my banging on about correct sizes, I thought I better let you all know that I have found the perfect bra.  If you wear a cup size that is larger than average like me, then you'll know how hard it is to find a pretty and supportive bra that doesn't cost an absolutely fortune.  But, after years of searching, one little lunch time mooch in M&S answered my prayers....

This gorgeous floral lace plunge bra is not only pretty but it is comfortable, supportive, only £14 and is stocked up to a GG (NB - M&S seem to miss out FF for some reason; so a FF becomes a G and G becomes GG).  It is also seriously flattering and gives a great shape - it truly is a perfect bra for larger cup sizes.

M&S are currently also running a promotion of £5 off when you spend £30 which makes this even sweeter!  The range can be found here and includes a gorgeous long line bra up and matching knickers.

Do you all struggle to find gorgeous lingerie in larger cup sizes too that don't cost the Earth?  I'd love to know you opinions on this one!! xxx


  1. I've been on a hunt since your post and I haven't found anything amazing except the H&M cheapo ones :( might take a look at m&s, yours is so cute!

  2. Can you give me some bra help? My non-wired bra keeps slipping down when I run or do sport. It folds over itself at the bottom and I have to constantly pull it up in the cup to protect my modesty. At the moment I'm a 32 D suggested by M and S - What's the matter??

  3. @Yu - You definitely should take a look - I steered away from M&S for years but they are back in my good books now!! xx

    @Anon - I would say if it keeps falling down and you are spilling out of the cups then you are probably smaller in the back and bigger in the cup than a 32D. M&S measured me years ago as a 36DD but I was actually a 32F...I would definitely recommend getting measured at a specialist underwear shop such as Bravissimo. The easiest thing you can do in the mean time is try pulling out the back band of your bra...if it stretches more than an inch or two then it is definitely too big. Hope that helps - don't hesitate to ask me any other questions :) xx

  4. I am the same for underwear! I may have nearly 5 full drawers of it, ops. This bra is super gorgeous!!
    Lucy xx

  5. Hi Georgina
    I will mist certainly check out thus bra. I generally shop in bravissimo but find high street stores vary in sizes so dramatically. So although I have been measured in bravissimo and can usually try any on in the same size and they fit- I'll go to m&s and have no idea what size I am. When you tried this on did it vary from your bravissimo size?

    Ps - to all those who find bravissimo pretty pricey a good friend if mine told me of mine told me of (could be .com) same bras that are sold in places like bravissmo but half the price

    Katie xx

  6. Where can you get larger sized non-wired bras? Wheres good to get measured??

  7. @Lucy - Haha yes - a girl can never have too much pretty underwear! xx

    @Katie - Yes I used to find this all the time! La Senza are the worst - I am a true 32FF but I can't even do up a 32 in there! It's so awful as no wonder I thought I was a 36 back for all those years.

    In terms of M&S, this is the first time I have tried on their bras in over 4 years in which time I have found my true size and everything I tried on fitted perfectly. I did have to buy a 32G but that is M&S's equivalent of a 32G - not sure why they skip FF!

    Thank you for reminding me on brastop too - I ordered there a few years ago but totally forgot about it!


    @Anon - I would recommend lingerie departments of department stores such as House of Fraser or Bravissimo. In my honest opinion, although I find this M&S bra good, they have never measured me correctly and it was only through my training that I realised.

    In general, steer away from La Senza if you have a large cup size. I just find their bras are more focused on style than substance.

    Hope that helps! xx

  8. I love a good bra (I used to work for Figleaves) and this is certainly a lovely looking one. I wish they hadn't sewn that pink stitching over the straps though #fussy

  9. OOOh that's beautiful :)
    I'm a 36G and have such trouble finding nice bra's. I shall have to check this out :)