Sunday, 13 November 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

After a very long and draining week at work, I couldn't wait to hit the town with my best friends and enjoy myself a little.  I picked up a new dress from H&M, slapped the St Moriz on and let my hair down for another classic night out in Leamington Spa.  It may be a little town but for anyone who has witnessed it, they know it holds its own on the nightlife scene.

Today has consisted of sleeping in, McDonalds, a spot of shopping and blogging - exactly what Sundays are made for!


  1. The pics are gorgeous, look like you had a great time! xxx

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  2. Ah you're so so stunning and your friends look gorgeous too! xxx

  3. Hahah defs know what you mean by leamington being able to hold its own on the nightlife front lol! Love that h&m dress on you and your so hair looks so shiney!! xxx

  4. Ah you've made me crave a mcdonalds now, and it's only 7am : /
    Love all of your dresses here, h&m are becomming my favourite place for dresses, I saw SO many I wanted on Saturday

  5. You all look lovely :) Sounds like the perfect Sunday, especially the McD's!x