Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Latest Addiction: Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of those recent fads that have been much on my radar for some time.  Like eyebrow threading, it was always something that I always thought was not for me - how wrong I was.

Having sat in a reclined chair for an hour after a long day at work - yes, I did fall asleep! - I was almost mesmerised by the final result of having tiny hairs painstakingly applied to my own short, and pretty feeble, natural lashes.

As the pictures show, I now have the lashes of my dreams - long, healthy and perfectly graduated in length.  The best part - it is almost undetectable that they are not what nature intended!

If I care for these correctly - absolutely no rubbing and not a hint of an oil based product - I can expect them to last around 3 weeks before I need another set.  Supposedly the glue used - by an independent beautician in my local area - will cause absolutely no harm to my natural lashes.  I cannot report on that so far but all I know is, if there is no damage, I'll be back in 3 weeks falling asleep in the reclining chair ready to get a new set...who ever said natural is best?!  ;)



  1. How much did it cost? And how do they cope with make up remover?

  2. They look amazing :) I love eyelash extensions.....think I will get them done again for Christmas xo

  3. Ohhhh pretty! how much were they? im thinking about booking in for some before xmas! Where did you get yours done?? and can you wear mascara? they look gorgeous!

  4. WOW these look amazing! Very jealous indeed! I may have to look in to this a bit more! X

  5. i have really wanted this done but im always worried they will ruin my eyelashes.

    great post =]

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  6. Beautiful indeed :) but the fact that you have to get a new set in 3 weeks is quite annoying...well at least in my opinion ;) xxx

  7. I love how natural they look :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. @Lisa - They were £25! In terms of eye make remover, as long as it isn't oil based there are no issues - just don't rub them too hard :) xx

    @Marina - Oh yes, Christmas definitely calls for them! xx

    @Evelyn - I got mine done by a local lady for £25 but a lot of places offer them! You can put mascara on the tips if you wish but there are so dark and long that I don't feel the need to use any - saves so much time in the morning! xx

    @Cat - I would definitely say try them once! They make life so much easier haha xx

    @Charmaine - So far I haven't lost any of my natural lashes from these falling out but will report back once they are all gone! xx

    @Lina - Yes, this is definitely the draw back!! I've also lost quite a few already so don't think I'll even last 2 weeks! xx

    @Suzie - Thank you girl! xx

    @Frances - Me too - I'm so impressed!! xx

    @Larry - Thank you!! xx