Friday, 23 March 2012

School Bag - Modalu Libertine

Unfortunately, I am no longer at school - what I'd give for those holidays again - but a bag for every day is still a necessity.  My work bag requirements are

a) Black
b) Large enough to carry all my belongings as well as the kitchen sink
c) Pretty...I am a girl after all

When I saw this beauty in House of Fraser, it was a split second decision - I.need.that.bag.  It was a bit of a splurge - £180 with a delightful 30% off - but one that was totally justified...I mean, it's gorgeous!

The front snake print suede is off set by a back panel of the most beautifully soft leather, which you can tell will age beautifully.  The handles are a feature in their own - soft black leather interwoven with gold chain and dusky mauve material - Modalu's signature colour.  Other features include beautiful shell detailing to the zips and a gorgeous dust bag in the same beautiful mauve.  Little features such as these have completely put Modalu on the map for me and it seems I am in good company, with one very well known fan - Pippa Middleton.

This bag truly puts a little smile on my face every morning - and when your on the train every at 7.20am, who doesn't need that?!


  1. Ah I love Modalu bags! I have the Keira satchel (i think its called) and the infamous 'Pippa' Handbag. love them both and want more! :-) You made a good choice! xx

    1. I am fully obsessed with the brand now! Definitely eyeing up a Pippa for my collection!! xx