Friday, 22 March 2013

New In|NARS Phone Case

For the past few weeks I've been searching high and low for a new phone case.  As a girl who knows what she likes, I was starting to get frustrated as I couldn't find 'the one'.  Until one day last week when I scrawling through pages and pages of eBay listings, I came across this beauty...

It's pink.  
It's beauty related.  
It's in homage to one of my favourite brands.  

I bought it immediately.  

Well, it would’ve been rude not to…

Since ordering this around a week ago, I’ve noticed that I’m definitely not alone and the nail polish/phone cover trend is definitely become a blogger favourite.  Most of the cases I’ve seen are Chanel – a quick Etsy search brings up thousands – and I can feel one of these may be in my possession sooner rather than later…  A designer beauty injection for less than £20?  What’s not to love?!



  1. Ah wow I absolutely love it! A bit different to the Chanel ones that everyones got too! I have farr too many phone cases but I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist buying this!
    Lovely blog, now following :)x

  2. This looks lush - great find!

    Be great if you could check out my latest beauty post on TEMPLESPAs Breakfast Smoothie & Skin Therapy Classes

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  3. This is gorgeous!I don't actually own any Nars products but that's not from lack of wanting to XD Shame they don't make as many covers for Samsung S3's as they do iPhone's, :-(! x

  4. Ahhh if only they made these for Samsung S2's I would so buy one! x

    Sarah @ xx

  5. Oh my word! This looks amazing! WANT!



  6. This is absolutely adorable! I've been looking for a new case - so bored of the one I have... and it's been really hard to find one I like, so I was super excited to see this post :))