Sunday, 25 April 2010

Like, Love, Hate

Thank you Caz for tagging me to do this!  I thought I would use it as my first in/out sort of post. So here are the things I'm liking, loving and hating as of right now...


RedKen Anti Snap – If I could only use one product on my hair for the rest of my life, this would be it. It has seriously made the world of difference to my hair and it smells gorgeous too.

Revlon Lipgloss in Peach Petal - I bought this a week or so ago and I have used it every day since. It is basically GOSH Darling but in a lipgloss and therefore a little bit easier to wear.

Receiving Blog Awards – I will get round to posting about them tomorrow!

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze – I've applied this twice now and I really do like it. I don't LOVE it though. It does give an amazing colour but even though I left it for 8 hours a lot of colour still rinsed off in the shower. It also stains your hands so badly and if you do mess a bit up it seems impossible to scrub off. Not HG material but I do like it. I may do a more in-depth review next week sometime.

LUSH sugar scrub - The scrub is really abrasive and left my skin so amazingly smooth. It doesn't smell all that great – slightly medicinal due to the fennel and ginger it contains but I can deal with it considering the way it made my skin feel. This costs £2.60 and I got 4 applications out of it. I would therefore definitely re-purchase for those huge body blitzes we all need now and then, especially with summer fast approaching.

LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – This stuff is just amazing. The tiniest bit can do both hands and so £5.50 for a pot is amazing. I have also been using it on my feet over night and I wake up with soft, supple feet – what every girl needs!

Pastel Polishes – I seriously cannot get enough. Currently I have on OPI's Panda-monium Pink but this will change tomorrow I should think! I'll definitely post some NOTDs this week.

Heated Rollers – I completely forgot that I own a set of Babyliss heated rollers – how awful is that? I decided that they need some love and so I used them before I went out last night. I love how easy they make doing your hair, they take 10 minutes to pop in and then you can forget about them and do something else. No faffing around in front of the mirror for half an hour with tongs. I feel they may make a welcome return to my hair routine from now on.

Hollister – Polo shirts; lumberjack shirts; candy striped cami's; distressed denim mini skirts...enough said really. I won't be able to get away with preppy clothes for much longer so I am embracing them now. They do need to sort out the lighting in their shops though – I always manage to walk into something. And did you know the sales assistant's are auditioned to say 'Hi, what's up?' for when they greet customers? Ridiculous, no?! If they fail they get banished to stock room duties....ouch.

The L'oreal 'Scrublet' – This little baby makes my skin feel refreshed and thoroughly cleansed. The little bristles seem to work themselves into your pores and clean them deep down. I think my skin is definitely look a lot more revitalised since purchasing this bad boy.

Summer Holidays – Seeing as my trip to Crete got cancelled this week I can't wait to get some real sun this summer in France, Spain and possibly Ibiza. I now just need to update my summer wardrobe...

Being back in Manchester – I loved being at home but it is great to be back with all my friends and to feel independent again. Had a fantastic night out last night but completely forgot to take any photos so I can't do an OOTN for you...sorry guys!


Rediscovering my old foundation routine. I'm not quite sure why I ever changed as it makes my skin look flawless. The saviours?

Nivea Young tinted moisturiser
MaxFactor Liquid Illusion foundation
GOSH Touch Up Concealer
No 7 Crème Touch powder buffed in with a kabuki

I was at my wit's end a week or so ago when no foundation seemed to sit properly on my face for more than half an hour. I then remembered this routine and swiftly when to Boots to repurchase all the products. Cue semi-matte flawless looking skin that lasts the test of time. I'm not going to bother experimenting anymore with foundations – until I get bored again.


Leggings with a top that doesn't cover the crotch area – not a good look for anybody! Especially when the leggings are basically extra thick tights and you can see a girl's underwear...come on girls sort it out!

Messy housemates – 2 hours of cleaning mess that wasn't mine? Let's just say my Friday afternoon was not an enjoyable one.

Cracked heels and unpainted toe nails – Pedicures should be free on the NHS. Why bother with pretty flip flops and gladiators if your feet ruin the look?! Argh I hate feet at the best of times!

Looming exams – I should be revising but blogging is such a welcome distraction!

Unblended eyeshadow – one of the worst beauty crimes??!

I was meant to mention 3 more but I guess I'm just in a happy place right now! No other things I'm hating at the moment...

I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet as I know it has done the rounds a bit!



  1. I agree about the Revlon lipgloss - it's so pretty! And I have exams soon too, and I'm lacking on revision hehe!x

  2. I had a £2 off Revlon/Maybelline voucher from Boots which I bought Peach Petal with the other day (shown in my last haul post).
    You've got it down to a T - Gosh Darling in a gloss! Of which I also have - who hasn't?!
    I tried using Gosh Darling with Peach Petal on top but it looked a bit too overloaded!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and nominated you for an award! :) xx

  3. Very nice blog!
    I follow you =)
    Do you follow me back??

    Lots of love,
    Lisette //

  4. Hollister and abercrombie (which I don't know if you guys have but it's basically the same thing) actually call their employees their in-store "models"...hahahha ridiculous. I kind of want to try the scrublet now! xx

  5. i loved this post! i really want revlon peach petal (:,X

  6. Peach petal is so gorgeous! @Ariel - we have 1 Abercrombie store in London but the prices are double what they are in the US! haha yes the term models is a bit ridiculous!

  7. Very nice blog!
    I follow you =)
    Do you follow me back??

    Lots of love,
    Lisette //