Tuesday, 20 April 2010

London Haulin'

London Haulin'/London Calling...get it?!! Ohhh gossh I think I am slightly delirious tonight...apologies for my awful attempt at a play on words...!

Anyway, moving swiftly on....

It was my 21st in November, which seems like an absolute lifetime ago, and I received some dolla off some wonderful friends and family.  I was very good and saved all of it up & then added to the little fund with some pennies I earned from nannying this easter.

I then went and dropped the entire lot within the space of a few hours on Thursday in the capital.  As you do!

First stop was Zara which is perhaps my favourite shop in the entire world.  I always find something in there which I absolutely love.  I was quite restrained though and didn't go too crazy....

As soon as I saw this bag I had to have it.  It is so fresh and crisp for the summer and it looks so much more expensive than it's £40 price tag.  Now the task is to keep it looking so pristine....

I find it so hard to photograph clothes nicely - this photo does the top no justice at all.  It is the palest grey chiffon and teamed with skinny black jeans and sky scraper heels, it makes the perfect dinner outfit - right up my street :)

Next stop was the infamous Harrods.  I know it is full of tourists but the store always gives me such a thrill.  It reminds me of when my brother and I were little and we would go to see the front of the store lit up at Christmas.  We then got to pick something out in the Arcade... aww happy memories!  Armed with a giftcard - again from my birthday - I headed straight for MAC.  I didn't pick out anything spectacular but ticked another few things off my never-ending list..!

I bought Bare Canvas paint which I love.  It provides a great base for your eyeshadow or just evens out your eyelids if you are going without.  The other item is a mineralized blush in Dainty.  The swatch below shows it is very sheer - a bit of a disappointment but in hindsight probably good for the summer when my cheeks will be pink enough!

And last but by no means least, I made a trip to Sloane Street for my new Louis..

This was the main reason for my saving - I always said I wanted to invest in a bag for my 21st instead of squandering the money on clothes I wouldn't like in six months.  I absolutely love it - my pride and joy - perhaps this is the feeling people get when they have children?! 


p.s. I just want to say thank you to Sophie for featuring me on her blog...I feel very honoured.  Please go and check the post out here if you haven't already seen it ... but please excuse my ridiculous posing and pouting...I really need to learn how to take good FOTD photos..!


  1. I LOVE that Louis Vuitton! OMG, so gorgeous! I really want to get one! I like this pattern better than the classic one because I feel that the classic one, even though I adore it, is a bit to flashy!

  2. Hi Hope! I'm glad you love it too...I know some people hate Louis Vuitton!
    Yes I had my heart set on this pattern - much better for spring/summer and not as popular so people won't automatically assume it's a fake! xxx

  3. Perhaps this is the feeling people get when they have children?!

    Hahaha that made me laugh..your new bag is so pretty!! This reminds me I definitely need to start saving and invest in something nice rather than spending it all away on random things :) I'm so bad at it though!

  4. Hi, all 2 bags are vey beautiful!

    I am a new follower ;)
    I like your guest post, the MU looks so fresh!

    Dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY;)

  5. Oh wow, i want that bag!
    It's perfect for summer :)

  6. I'm so jealous. I love that bag and want my own LV. Might have to beg and plead in 3 years time for my 30th. Eek, so old! x

  7. The mineralized blush looks so beautiful :o*

  8. @Ariel - hahaha glad it make you laugh! I was tempted to spend all the money on random bits but knew I would love this for life! xx

    @SummerBabe - Thank you! I'm glad you liked the guest post - I definitely pose too hard..! xx

    @R May A - If you save up some pennies you should definitely invest! I just keep looking at it..! xx

    @Claire - Do it!!! A special birthday needs to be commemorated! xx

    @Marisa - It is such a pretty colour! Gives a lovely sheen to the cheeks xx

  9. wow your louis is gorgeous! i'm so jealous...currently saving up for a chloe paddington and it's taking aggggggeeees!! london has to be one of the best places to shop, you can always pick up something that no-one you know will have (and find some good ol' bargains)...lovely haul! :) xxx

  10. That is a beautiful louis bag! It's so unique and summery. I really want one now! :)



  11. Hey, I nominated you for a blog award :)


  12. Oh what an amazing haul! Love the Mac items :)

    I have just found your blog today, and it's great!!


  13. @charleylou - oh my godd I love the Chloe Paddington! If you get one - you must blog about it!! x

    @Jenn - I would definitely recommend it as a special purchase!! xx

    @R May A - Thank you doll! I'll head on over and check it out now! xx

    @Tor - Thanks lovely! Love your blog too! xx

  14. You've inspired me to save up my dosh by the time I'm 21 so I can get THE bag I want - either a Chanel or Louis! :)
    Or just don't spend the good old student loan lol that seems a better idea :p x