Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chanel Dupe??

I have worn Chanel Chance every day for as long as I can remember.  I like a lighter fragrance in the day compared to what I wear in the evening - Dior Midnight Poison and Hugo Boss being two examples.

It is however a lot of pennies and as I am rapidly running out I was all set to drop £40 or so on a new bottle.  However, when I was at the Zara till a few days ago and attempting to distract myself on how much money I was spending, I had a quick spritz of their perfume 'Zara Collection'.  The first thought that came into my head?.. "Chanel Chance."  At just £14.90 for 50ml I couldn't resist.

As soon as I stepped out the strore I ripped open the plastic and set about spritzing like mad.  I LOVE IT!!!

When I got home I did a little comparison with the Chanel.  As far as I am concered, they smell pretty damn similar.  My brother said they smell nothing alike and that I don't have 'a nose' for smells...  Well, I attempted a little google search of their notes etc but I could find no real info on the Zara fragrance except that it is 'floral' - as is the Chance.

So the reality is, they don't smell exactly the same but it's as close as one can get and for £14.90 I'm not complaining!  My only gripe is that it doesn't last that long on the skin - being only an Eau de Toilette - but it doesn't really bother me because I know I can spritz away to my heart's content without worrying about how much each spray is costing me!

No, it won't replace my Chance which I will love forever I'm sure but this is great for the Summer and, being Zara, looks simple and pretty classy on my dressing table at the same time.

Smiles all around :)


  1. I love it when you find cheap dupes of more expensive products! Have you heard about the Next perfume that smells like Miss Dior Cherie? xx

  2. AH OH MY GOSH! Literally the same exact thing happend to me yesterday, I love Chance but my purse doesn't, and I was browsing their perfumes and totally agree, it is a complete dupe!
    I bourght it and love it!
    Glad someone else noticed this to!
    I'm going to do a little haul of what I bourght, including the perfume so I'll put a little link to your post girly, since you described it so well!
    Great post doll

  3. @Robyn - I heard Katie Price's new scent smells like the Dior but didn't realise Next's does as well! I will have to investigate when I am in town next..! xx

    @Darling Heart - Ah I am so glad you think so too!! Especially after my brother completely shot me down!! xx

  4. Definitely going to have to give this a whiff when I go to town next! Thanks! xx

  5. oooo i think i might head to Zara - chance is such a gorgeous perfume you can always tell when someone is wearing it :) xxx

  6. Sounds wonderful!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely :)

  7. Definitely going to have to give this a whiff when I go to town next! Thanks! xx