Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Summer Body Routine

I am, like many other product junkies, constantly primping and preening.  A friend of mine once said to me "I'm so jealous of you, you're so well maintained."  This sort of got to me, because I don't wake up fully made up and moisturised - if only!!  I wish I was a wash-and-go sort of girl but the reality is, I love it spending time getting ready!  That's my prerogative as a girl...!

But I will admit, sometimes it is nice to hit a routine that works well and is quick.  Thus, saving time for the more important things in life.  Like shopping....

So without further ado, my fail-safe, quick body routine at the moment which keeps me glowy, soft and smooth every day.  Keeping up with this means that if we suddenly get a day of good weather I can confidently crack out a mini with no worries of how pasty my legs look...(we've all been there...!)

  • I put a dollop of whatever shower gel I currently have on the go onto the exfoliating gloves and scrub my entire body lightly.  This gives a gentle polish and ensure any tan I have on wears evenly.  The exfoliation also obviously gets rids of any dead skin cells and leaves my skin soft and smooth
  •  Vaseline Cocoa Butter - In my opinion this smells so much nicer than Palmer's which I find sometimes overpowering.  It is just a gorgeous non-greasy body lotion which keeps any fake tan even and smells amazing.
  • FCUK Sugar Scrub - I use this with the exfoliating gloves all over once a week to get rid of any patchy fake tan.  It also leaves your skin slightly moisturised which provides a great base for a new round of fake tan.  Admittedly, it doesn't smell that great but it fades pretty quickly and makes my skin feel so good I can look past it..!
  • St.Moritz mousse - This is definitely my new fave!  It just applies like a dream - with a mitt - and leaves my skin so naturally brown.  I really cannot fault it.  As long as I keep up with the exfolation and moisturisation it doesn't go patchy and I can build up the layers to my desired tan level.  After a week in Spain I've realised my skin just doesn't want to tan and I'd rather apply this than risk baking in the sun and damaging my skin.
I've kept up with the routine for the last few weeks and I've never felt better in my own skin.  I will inevitably switch around the scrubs/lotions etc but for now I am happy!

Honourable Mentions

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs -
As mentioned numerous times before, makes your skin look flawless for a night out

Ted Baker Body Glow -
A little bit of this down your shins or over your décolletage and you get that gorgeous Summer glow

The Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray -
A nifty little oil spray which allows you to quickly moisturise if you are running late or to give your legs a gorgeous sheen when going out...

As you can tell, I love dewy, golden skin...and who doesn't?!  What are your must have products to achieve this?!


  1. your tan routine is EXACTLY the same as mine! using the same products minus the vaseline cocoa butter, i use palmers instead :) xxx

  2. I really want that ted baker body glow now,I was going to buy the body bronze lotion from Mac's to the beach collection but it was sold out near me so the ted baker looks like a good option. xx

  3. @rachel - Great minds think alike..! X

    @mango9 - It is a really gorgeous product! And I'm sure a lot cheaper than MAC! X

  4. your tan routine is EXACTLY the same as mine! using the same products minus the vaseline cocoa butter, i use palmers instead :) xxx