Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dirty Works Glow Girl Hot Salt Scrub

What springs to mind when you think of a salt scrub?



Down-right abrasive?

That was my thinking when I bought this for £4.99 from Sainsbury's.  A nice little purchase - even if it is encased in seriously naff packaging - to help slough off all those dead skin cells and patchy fake tan.  What a great find, I thought; cheaper than the usual scrubs I go for and the added bonus of promising to 'draw out toxins'.  Oh, what a fool I am.

Yes, unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectations in the slightest.

It all started to go wrong when I unscrewed the lid.  Something I admittedly should have done in store before purchasing.  Well, we all live and learn..!

See what I mean??

I really wanted this to work; to surprise me and make me realise that you don't need great big, chunky particles to give you soft, supple skin.  But, well, you do.

This herbally smelling, runny paste does nothing for me but drag on my skin and leave a horrible residue in my bath - due to the Kaolin it contains.  This is the main issue for me - is clay not used in thousands of skin care products to help combat oily skin?  Would that be why my skin feels drier after I use this?  The 'Kiss goodbye to dry skin!!' promise therefore falls short...

What a disappointment.  Dirty Works - you have some serious improvements to make.  Starting with the horrendous yellow packaging...


  1. im with you - that yellow colour is horrible! you don't expect something that says 'salt scrub' to be runny!! i was looking at the dirty works brand just yesterday actually, im glad i didn't pick anything up! xoxo

  2. Totally agree with you about the packaging. And salt is definitely not supposed to be runny!

  3. Looks like some sort of hair wax! won't be buying this!

  4. Hi, Nice blog.

    That product looks quite nasty!? A runny scrub!?
    Not supposed to happen is it?
    Thanks for the review, I shall save my pennies :D

  5. how misleading!lovely review:)xx

  6. That looks like glue! Sorry you had to go through that lol

  7. Have you tried the Scrubilicious coconut body scrub? It's quite gritty but oily at the same time. Sounds disgusting, but the result is that you feel lovely and moisturised at the same time...if that's even possible! Reasonably priced as well

    T x

  8. I'm glad I've saved you all from making the same mistake..!
    @Tabitha - no I haven't tried that or heard of the brand? Where can I pick it up from? Sounds great! xx

  9. Looks like some sort of hair wax! won't be buying this!