Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thank God it's the weekend

A sort of blog-vlog if you will :)

After a long week of mainly ten/eleven hour days, on Friday all I wanted to do was crash.  However, never one to miss out on a social opportunity I hot-footed it to my best friend's house ten miles away to see all my old school friends.  We had a fantastic time laughing, reminiscing and munching some highly calorific treats such as these meringues I threw together ....

After all this I didn't get the early night I needed and then being so dedicated to the shopping cause I woke at 8 on Saturday to go to a nearby open-air market which always promises a bargain.
My early morning was not in vain - a Topshop £28 dress for £6 (pictures later) and these little gems:

John Freida Brilliant Brunette Luminous Colour Glaze - £1

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer - £2

I've always meant to try these out but never got around to it - for those prices how could I resist?! 

I was home and exhausted by midday and after a quick application of St Moritz I fell into bed and had a fantastic nap.  You know, one of the good ones where you fall asleep easily and sleep for just the right amount of time to ensure you wake refreshed and not groggy.  As a student I have perfected the art of napping...!

I then embarked on the mission of getting ready to head out for the night and after a few hours of primping and preening I was ready to go...I could not be a wash-n-go girl if I tried..!

This was the dress mentioned earlier - I was really not sure about it as 99% of the time I wear black on a night out but I warmed to it in the end.  Variety is the spice of life and all that....

I teamed it with just a black skinny belt and my new Bertie shoes which I couldn't be more in love with if I tried.

The elasticated straps mean they are so insanely comfortable and the fact that I got them in the sale for a tiny price make them 100 times more beautiful.

My make up was pretty standard for me - bit of MaxFactor foundation, 3 tone smokey eye, Hush cream colour base and pinky lips and cheeks.  Classic combo!

I had such a fun filled evening with my bestest and even though one too many tequilas were consumed I actually feel bright and breezy today!

I am going away on Tuesday for 2 weeks so today's tasks are to start packing and schedule some posts - typical lazy Sunday :)

Also, I will be watching The Wanted's music video about a million times to catch a glimpse of this beaut..

I mean...his surname is George - it'd be rude not to marry him right?!

Love Mrs George George


  1. oo I LOVE that outfit, the dress is so pretty, and a complete bargain!
    Those meringues have seriously made me crave something sweet.... yum :)

  2. You look stunning here, the dress is beautiful on you. I always lived in black but lately have been wearing lots of other brighter colours and now i love the way bright colours look. xx

  3. Love that dress on you! And those heels are gorgeous!

  4. You got some really good bargains! And I love those shoes! Have fun on holiday :) Thanks for the post xxx

  5. lovely shoes and dressed xxxx

  6. Love the outfit, you look beautiful, and your makeup looks gorgeous!
    And ommmmg Max from the Wanted is just BEAUTIFUL <3 xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit! And can't believe you managed to bag that John Frieda glaze for a £1!! xx

  8. Ahhaa "love mrs george george" you look stunning! And I absolutely love the dress! xxx

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments girls :) xxx

  10. So pretty and I freaking adore those shoes!!!

  11. Ahhaa "love mrs george george" you look stunning! And I absolutely love the dress! xxx