Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Battle Of The Cleansing Gels|Clarins vs No7

For a number of years now, my – extremely glamorous – Mother has been a fan of Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel .

As such, I have also been a fan for years; always stealing it every time I’m at home.  Its unique formula – gel to oil to milk – ensures every trace of make-up is removed easily and without irritating my annoyingly sensitive eyes.  The result is beautifully cleansed skin that is soft, plump & radiant.  The only downside?  A £19.50 price tag. 

Now don’t get me wrong, it is by no means the most expensive cleanser out there but as a poor student/struggling London grad, this has always been somewhat out of my price range and I therefore left it as a little ‘at home treat’.  Until now…

No7 has long championed high quality skin care at high street prices (remember the stampedes for Protect & Perfect?) and they show no signs of slowing down.  Their offering – Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser
is pretty much the perfect dupe and comes in at a sweet £9.  Couple that with their regular £5 off skincare vouchers and you’re on to a winner!  But how do they compare?

In a highly accurate scientific experiment, I used Clarins on one half of my face and No 7 on the other.  The result?  Almost identical. 

Both products have exactly the same gel consistency which, when applied to a dry face, turn into a light oil which literally melts away make up.  Once water is applied to the face, both oils turn into a milk ensuring your face is left thoroughly cleansed and hydrated at the same time.  In short, to the naked eye, these products are more or less, exactly the same.  Both feel the same and leave my skin clean, soft and radiant.  I have to admit the Clarins did remove my mascara slighter more easily but it is by no means a deal breaker and is definitely not worth an extra £10.  I mean come on – that’s enough to buy another Essie and still have change left over; what more could a blogger want?!

Have you tried either of these products?  Do you like to try high street skin care or do you think you always get what you pay for?  Let me know!



  1. Really want to try this!

    A little bit Unique


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    1. It's a really lovely product - I definitely recommend it! xx

  2. I have read some great reviews about the Clarins cleansing gel, it sounds great and I really want to try it. The only thing that puts me off about Clarins is the price x


    1. Honestly, this is basically the Clarins but just a fraction of the price! xx

  3. I loved your blog, your photos and reviews are great! Your scientific experiment is so adorable:)
    I'd be happy if you have time to visit my blog
    StyleGlaze Blog!

  4. I haven't tried the No7 cleanser before, but I love the Clarins one
    Daniella x


    1. If you like the Clarins, you really must give this a shot! xx