Sunday, 7 August 2011

The best things in life are free

Last month the magazines here in the UK were offering some fantastic freebies including The Body Shop eyeliners & mascaras and Ciaté lipglosses - of which I absolutely love and have featured here and here.

And this month, they've done it again.

My personal picks are Marie Claire and Elle who are offering Ciaté (they get around don't they?!) paint pots and Mavala nail colours respectively.  I chose the conservative options of My Fair Lady and The Elle Grey but there are other options including the fantastic Elle red as seen over at Makeup Savvy.

Other freebies this month include Glamour's offer of Eyelure lashes and Red's slightly less appealing Balance Me bodywashes.

Will you be picking up any of these publications this month?  Not only are the gifts fantastic but the fashion is amazing - I love September... it's like the Fashion New Year!!


  1. I love the shades of both the polishes you chose :) I've never tried Ciate before so I might have to pick that one up although i'm always buying magazines because of the free gifts haha xx

  2. Love the shades you chose! Are they still in the shops, might have to buy them- great post!xx

  3. Within half an hour of reading this, I was in Tesco Express buying Marie Claire hehe!!
    Thanks for sharing what was on offer, can't wait to try the Ciate Polish as I had a yukky shade in my GlossyBox :-)
    x x

  4. i got the ciate polish in wait until dark (the plummy colour) i didnt get elle though

    shel xx

  5. Hi.nice choice.I always buy Ell, this magazine inspires me every time xxx

  6. @Caz - I'm the same - cannot resist a freebie haha! xx

    @Beautchic - Thank you! Yes they should still be in the shops - these issues only came out very recently! xx

    @Jen - haha happy to be of service! xx

    @Shel - I think I might have to get another copy to get the plum colour - looks lovely! xx

    @Style point - It is a gorgeous magazine - I love that the fashion is always inspiring but attainable too! xx