Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pixiwoo Penelope Cruz Make Up Look

It's a Saturday night and my plans have fallen through.  What's a girl to do except raid her make up?!

I basically followed this Pixiwoo tutorial and although I could never be even half as beautiful as either Nic or Penelope, I gave it my best shot!


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (51 & 54) applied with a Sigma flat top kabuki
Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer (Light medium)
Rimmel Clear Complexion powder (021 - Transparent)
Bourjois Chocolate bronzer (52)


MAC Bare Canvas paint
MAC Next to Nothing eyeshadow
Sleek Storm palette
Rimmel 100% Waterproof mascara
Maybelline Intense Black Eyeliner-matic
Eyelure 107 lashes

17 Mirror Shine Belle lipstick
Ciaté lipgloss

Now I'm all made up and nowhere to go......But there is a chow mein with my name on it ;)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend xxxx


  1. I love your hair :) your make-up turned out really well too!

  2. This is gorgeouss, looks natural but really glamourous x

  3. Your make up looks gorgeous!! What curling tongs do you use on your hair?! Its lovely :-)
    x x

  4. @Shanice - Thank you sweetheart! xx

    @Lauren Rose - Thank you! I think the camera has washed out the colours slightly as it looks a bit more dramatic in real life but it can definitely be toned down/built up for day and night! xx

    @Jen - I usually use the Boots jumbo tongs but this is my hair just let down after being in a bun for a few hours! xx

  5. @Cat - Thank you gorgeous! :) xx

  6. Wow, I wish my hair looked like that after being in a bun, its lovely!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :-)
    I found your blog just the other day and as my Saturday night plans have fallen through too, i've sat and read most of your blog hehe.
    Im in LOVE with your Louis Vuitton bag (and your hair)
    GREAT blog hun!!
    x x

  7. @Jen - Ah thank you so much!! Do you have twitter?? xx

    @Molly - Always have to lower the tone...!! ;) Miss you xx

  8. I do have a twitter account but i've never used it since I set it up!!
    i really want to start using it though as pretty much all bloggers use it, maybe I should have a little look now on using it :-)
    x x

  9. I always love coming to your blog(: You look so beautiful! I haven't seen this tutorial but I think now I will be looking it up now- im liking those lashes too

  10. You look absolutely stunning! X

  11. Gorgeousssss! :) I love your hair too, but that's always haha.

  12. You look gorgeous as always, I love your hair xxx

  13. You look beautiful hun! I love that tutorial and am gonna use it tonight for my night out. Don't think I'll be able to pull it off as well as you though!


  14. I think you done a very good job, but all dressed up and nowhere to go sucks! Bet the chow mein was good though, you look really lovely xx

  15. Aw girlies - thank you for your wonderful comments xxx

  16. Not only is the make-up lovely but your hair is gorgeous! xx

  17. @Charlotte - Thank you gorgeous! You're such a sweetheart xx