Thursday, 4 August 2011

Currently #4

1.I've just found out that I start my new (and first real) job two weeks later than planned.  Happy is not the word - I can now put aside those horrible backtoschool-type feelings and squeeze out even more from my summer.

2. Horrible bosses is an absolutely hilarious film.  If you want to laugh for two hours - this is for you!  If you have seen it then you'll understand why 'That's not my name' will never be the same...

3. I am truly fed up with my entire wardobe and am currently in the process of selling it all on eBay.  I cannot wait for the new season - I always find it easier to dress for Autumn/Winter.  The new on-trend cranberry hues are first on my list in the form of some new skinnies and a beautiful new coat will definitely need to be purchased - it's an Autumn tradition!

4. I've used weheartit for a few years now...scrolling through the pages, finding gorgeous pictures then posting them on tumblr.  This all seemed such a faff especially as it was really just for me to keep a little 'inspiration station'. So, I now just heart the pictures on weheartit and forget all about that tumblr nonsense!
I go through stages with pictures like these - either getting inspired or just generally depressed/jealous that I will never be able to be in/take such gorgeous photos.  Luckily I'm currently in a good place and getting inspired!  Here are some recent Summer faves....


And finally....

5. Are shorts getting shorter by the week?  I know denim cut offs will always be a summer staple but are they meant to resemble underwear? Or am I just getting old?!


  1. Congratulations on the new job! I know what you mean about the clothes thing, I'm terrible at dressing for summer!


  2. Horrible Bosses is so freaking funny!

  3. I much prefer A/W dressing as well..
    Love that you mentioned 'That's Not My Name' from Horrible Bosses! Hilarious!

  4. Congratulations on your new jobs - that's pretty amazing considering the current climate!

    I'm loving the summer photos x

  5. Congrats!

    Keep calm and tan on is my motto these days!