Wednesday, 12 March 2014

NOTD|Essie Fiji

A little while ago, the blogosphere was alight with the buzz of an Essie polish named Fiji.

Before I had even seen swatches of the colour, I knew I had to have it. Not because of the blogger stamp of approval or the Essie gorgeousness guarantee; no, this was purely for the name.

Fiji is quite possibly my favourite place on Earth. In 2008, I spent a magical month there with my best friend. We almost wrote off a car driving around the mainland, put ourselves off rum for life after consuming far too much on a boat party and got the best tans of our lives sunbathing on the islands. It was the most incredible month of my life. And I knew having a polish named after the place that holds so many memories would make me smile every time I wore it.

I wasn't wrong.

Apart from the mental images this name conjures up, the colour of this polish is beautiful. A milky pink-toned nude which can be layered and built to your desired level. Personally, I prefer to lay down 3 coats to provide a true opaque light pink but 1 coat will leave you with a gorgeous delicate off-white finish.

I've got through about 3 bottles of this now and can't see myself stopping there. In classic Essie fashion, it applies smoothly and - with a good quality base and top coat - I can get a solid 4 days worth of wear out it. 

Fiji, you definitely did not disappoint. 

Now, all that I have to do is save up my pennies and return to the idyllic islands, with a little bottle of this in tow.

Well, maybe one day...


  1. Oh I've been wanting this for ages! Boots 3 for 2 is calling me!

    1. I would highly recommend it! Essie are such good quality and definitely worth the money! xx