Saturday, 15 May 2010

The best hangover cure in the world... shopping.  Ok, maybe not...especially if you had a really heavy night.  But after a few too many drinks on Tuesday night I had to drag myself in for a 10am lecture which I only made it through with the thought of some retail therapy afterwards.

So after an hour of listening to rambles about vertebrate palaeontology I popped into the city centre to pick up a few bits.  Did I get much?  Not really..but I thought I'd show you lovely ladies anyway...

I always wander through Primark but I honestly hate how much of an effort it is to shop there.  The hoards of people, clothes put under the wrong sizes and the mile long queues.  Also, after all that you always see a million and one people in the same clothes as you.  I therefore try and steer clear of the clothes - they also never wear that well in my opinion. 
But after spotting these accessories I had to brave the queue.  The belt I think looks like it cost £20 in Topshop but it actually retails at a mere £3---bar-gain!  
As for the shoes, the suede is real so for £12 you can't complain!  I love the gladiator trend but sometimes think they are a bit too fussy so these are the perfect balance between a standard flip flop and some of the completely over the top decorated gladiators out there!  These will be getting a lot of wear this summer I think!

Next stop was New Look... again not a fan of most of their clothes but I have been searching high and low for a bikini that fits my sizeable chest.  I was hopeful that the Kelly Brook range might offer something more substantial than the teeny tiny triangle bikini tops that are everywhhhereee but serve no purpose for anyone over a C cup... 

As it happens my luck was in and I found the last set of this gorgeous navy forties-esque bikini...

I love the bandeau style of the top and all the details with the little bows and ruffles.  There was also a promotion of 20% off swimwear on top of the usual student discount so the whole set cost me under £15. 

Now I have 3 weeks before my holiday to ensure I look like Kelly in it.... hahah I can dream!!


  1. I've been looking at buying that bikini, it's gorgeous :)

  2. Loving the bikini, very pin-up! :) xx

  3. I love that belt so much! My Primark didn't have it last time I was in there but I'm definitely going to look again! xx

  4. I have this belt too! Everyone comments on it whenever I have it on!


  5. Loving the bikini, very pin-up! :) xx