Monday, 10 May 2010


On Friday night I attended my end of year Geography ball.  I am studying a joint honours degree of Geography and Geology so we had the choice of two balls to attend but the Geography department won us over this year!  So together with two of my favourite Geography/Geology girls we got all dressed up and headed to the Globall.

It was a fantastic night of champagne, dinner, jazz and dancing - we all had such a great time.  It's nice to get really dressed up every one in a while and see the lads switch their Jack Wills hoodies for DJs and bow ties!

I wore my make up exactly the same as my last OOTN post.  I like it as it is a smoky eye but it is more subtle than my usual night eye make up and my hair was simply wavy and full of extensions, as per usual!

Alice, Myself & Imogen in her beautiful Pixie Lott for Lipsy dress

With our gorgeous friend Felix looking very dapper!

I hope everyone had a great weekend too! xxx


  1. You have gorgeous hair and love your dress!!You look soo pretty!

  2. I agree! You look completely gorgeous! xxx

  3. wheres your dress it x

  4. @lovelyviolet 5;@Ariel - Thank you so much! xx

    @Tiffany - It's from a little boutique in my home town so it has no brand name or anything unfortunately1 xx