Friday, 14 May 2010

NOTD: OPI vs Essie

Seeing as it is currently exam time for me, absolutely any activity is deemed more exciting than actually revising.  I have therefore spent many hours this week cleaning and painting my nails (as if I really need an excuse!)

I have always loved doing my nails but until I discovered the online beauty commnity I never really realised just how many different colour polishes there are out there.  Couple that with being in the UK and having a pretty limited range of drug store colours and you get someone who thought a purple polish is just a purple polish.  Well after realising the true extent of the colour range out there and finding my favourite eBay seller I now realise just how wrong I was....!

I therefore decided to see just how much difference there is between OPI's Done Out In Deco and Essie's Lilacism.

The result?  A pretty big difference -

The OPI is a lot darker and more of a grey toned purple whereas the Essie is what I see to be a true Lilac.  They are both beautiful colours but I think I am leaning more to the Essie if I'm honest... it's just that little bit more summery.

As for the the difference in brands?  They both come in at 15ml (0.5oz) and lasted pretty much the same amount of time on my nails with Seche Vite on top - some slight wear on the tips after a few days but no major chipping to note.  The major difference I found was with the brush - OPI's is much larger and although this allows for a smooth finish over all, the Essie allows for a more precise and neater application near the cuticles.

My overall opinion?  Essie wins this one - I prefer the colour, it's easier to apply and comes in cheaper (£2.70/$3.99 vs £3.40/$4.99).

Which colour do you prefer?!  Let me know!  Also are there any great Essie colour recommendations you have for me?!  I need to build up my collection!



  1. Thanks for the review!Both looks stunning but I prefer the Essie color for summer more!!!

  2. I love the colours! Think I prefer the Essie one. I don't own any of their polishes! xx

  3. I love the colours! Think I prefer the Essie one. I don't own any of their polishes! xx

  4. Thank you! I couldn't decide between OPI and Essie... but in the end I bought Essie after reading your article. My signature shade (I just don't suit any other colours) is lilac, and Essie's Lilacism is the perfect shade I've been looking for! Sportsgirl have the same shade, but it chips easily, and the smell is ridiculously strong it gives me a headache.

    Because my local Myer store was on sale... I bought the candy mint apple shade as well... both stunning colours! You should definitely add that to your collection! ^^

  5. I'm so glad I could help Bella! I love lilacs too - so flattering and pretty!
    I actually have Mint Candy Apple - it's one of my favourite colours for the summer! I have never got around to doing a post on it but now you've reminded me I really should do! xx

  6. beautiful nails and colors! now i wanna try essie after reading your review ^^

  7. beautiful job! personally my favorite is essie, and the best color for me is "absolutely shore" - a pretty, pale blue/green that lasts for a good while.