Sunday, 30 May 2010

IN & OUT #1


This fantastic weather we are - sporadically - having!  It is getting me all excited for numerous long lazy days in the park, road trips and all day long sessions in beer gardens - I love the summer!

KCav - Yes she is a bitch but I still love her..!  All that attitude and a fierce wardrobe... and Brody Jenner.  Jealous, moi?!

Decorated nails - I ordered about a million packs of nail stickers a year ago off eBay and never really used them.  But I found them recently and now my tootsies are adorned with flowers and butterflies - awww!  I would post a picture but I know 99% of people hate feet - me included.

St Moriz mousse - I would write a full review but I know every (wo)man and his dog has already beaten me to the post.  Basically: it applies like a dream; has no obvious fake tan smell; made me perfectly lightly bronzed and has worn off evenly. 10/10 from me!  I lurrrrve it!  I think it has taken over from Xen Tan - mainly for the price and also because it gives a more subtle colour which you can then build upon.  Xen Tan still holds a special place in my heart though... <3


Exams & Revision - I am so insanely bored!!!  I am pretending to revise but mainly day dreaming about everything I want to buy.  On Friday I will be finished for 14 weeks though so I can't really complain..

Having no dolla - The last installment of my student loan feels like a lifetime ago.  I have got a few jobs lined up over the holiday though so hopefully there will be some exciting hauls soon!

Having no chocolate in the house - Argghh I am craving it so badly!  Whenever I feel like this, I always think there should be an instant confectionary home delivery service.  Great idea don't you think?!  I mean you can order a chinese/indian/pizza and have it at your door in half an hour.  Cadbury's should really get on it..!



  1. Gotta love Kristin Cavallari, although I'm still a devotee to Lauren Conrad lol! Mind you, I wouldn't say no to being either of them! xx

  2. The confectionary home delivery service is possibly the best idea I've ever heard of... Someone needs to get on that asap!!!

  3. Lol, love the idea of an instant confectionary home delivery service!
    And I've recently discovered St Moriz - Why i didn't try it before I will never know :P

  4. Hey sweetness! - You're right, my St Moriz has taken a beating this past week!

    I've given you a Blog Love award over at my little bloggy, hope you can check it out!

    Lovess Xx

  5. @Sarah - I know, I feel a traitor to LC because I love her too! I just love how feisty Kristin is - I sometimes wish I could say what I feel like her! xx

    @Ariel & R May A - I think I should lay claim to the idea - it'll be big business one day..! xx

    @Laura - St Moriz is definitely my fave at the moment! I can even forgive them the typo..! Thank for the award gorgeous xx