Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Teeny tiny haul and LUSH Buffy Review

A quick trip to the Arndale Centre last week ensured I spent a few pennies but I was a lot more restrained than usual...

I finally managed to find St Moriz in TK Maxx (£3.99) - review coming soon.  I also picked up the Garnier Summer Body which I used to use a few years ago and, if I remember correctly, really liked it. For £2.99 (also from TK Maxx) it fits the bill perfectly for my planned gradual tanning a few days before going away.

I had to technically break my 20 pan project as I ran out of heat protector but it is really a necessity so it doesn't really count..!  I bought this Schwarzkopf one purely because I feel like I've used every single other heat protector out there - they all do pretty much the same job in my eyes.  My personal favourite is still the Lee Stafford one though - smells aaaamazing.

I then bought Buffy from LUSH (£5) as I was sucked in by the promise of a product that exfoliates as well as moisturises.  Well, as soon as I popped in the shower with it for the first time, I immediately regretted it.  It smells horrible - probably due to the rice and beans it contains (lovely right?) - and is no where near as harsh as I like a scrub to be.  As for the moisturising property - I just felt like it left an oily film on my skin and didn't really do anything to soften my skin deep down.  It also didn't help getting my tan off and for £5 it only lasted 4 full body scrubs.  I couldn't help thinking of my beloved FCUK Sugar Scrub which costs the same for a whopping 300ml tub and lasts for weeks...

This stuff is the real deal!  Buffs your skin to perfection, takes off all your dodgy, fake tan and leaves you silky smooth!  Why did ever stop buying it?!  I'll be popping to Boots a-sap to rekindle my love affair with it..!


  1. I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  2. Ugh I totally agree with you on the buffy it feels like rubbing greasy bacon fat into your skin or something =\

  3. @Ariel - Thank you sweetheart! xx

    @Julia - Yeah it's not good! What a let down :( xx

    @Viva La Fashion - Me too! Unfortunately Buffy is obviously not the product for me! xx

  4. i have just recently brought the st moriz tanning spray - its really nice :) x

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog and following! I;m following you now too :)



  6. i actually received fcuk sugar scrub for a cheapy christmas present one year and couldnt stand the smell.. kept it for a bit without usiing it then when i moved out i binned it :/ oopsy.. sort of regretting it now xx

  7. @Jade - Got to love the St Moriz! xx

    @Harcore Makeup Junkie - No thanks needed - you blog is fantastic! You are very talented! xx

    @Abby - I have to admit, I bought a pot the other day and didn't realise how horrible it smells! It leaves your skin feeling great but I'd rather go for Soap and Glory and smell nice I think! xx